Kingdom Come Deliverance Lost In Translation Quest Money Location

Lost in Translation is a side quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It involves questioning a Cuman prisoner, in the hopes of him revealing a hidden stash of stolen stuff. Of course, it’s never that easy. First you have to find and interpreter, and even then, the prisoner has some tricks up his sleeve. So, we’re going to show you where to find the hidden treasure in Lost in Translation quest.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Lost In Translation Quest Money Location
Kingdom Come Deliverance Lost In Translation Quest Money Location

Where to Find Hidden Money Location in Lost in Translation Kingdom Come Deliverance Quest?

The stolen, hidden money that the Cuman stole is stashed away in a hollow tree near on the river bank. There’s quite a bit of steps you have to take to even find out the exact location. Long story short, you have to find a vagrant that can speak Hungarian, and persuade him to come and translate what the imprisoned Cuman has to say. There are some other easy steps in there too, but the bottom line is, if you manage to do everything, the Cuman will offer to take you to the stash.

Of course, things can’t be that easy. The Cuman will be lying, and he can lead you into an ambush, after which you have to hunt him down again. There’s a ton of ways to screw this up, though. Plus, the game can sometimes glitch out, it seems, and the Cuman won’t take you anywhere if you call him out for lying. Maybe that’s not a glitch; it’s hard to tell with this game. So, here’s the rundown of the instructions he gives, courtesy of Reddit user seninn.

The location you want is across the river from Rattay. There’s a hill there. Turn and face the city, and you’ll find a road. Follow it to an intersection with a burnt tree. From there, go down the small path towards the river. There’s a hollow stump at the side of the path, and that’s where his stash is. The game will prompt you to “open” the stump when you get near. You can check out the pictures below for the exact location. You can also check out some of our other Kingdom Come Articles, such as My Friend Timmy Quest and Pestilence Quest – Merhojed Plague Remedy.

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