Kingdom Come Deliverance Next Patch Release Window Revealed

Patch 1.3 for Kingdom Come Deliverance will be coming out a few days later than expected. According to Daniel Vavra, the update should be coming out this week on the PC. On consoles, it will come out a few days after that, due to the certification process.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Next Patch Release Window Revealed
Kingdom Come Deliverance Next Patch Release Window Revealed

It feels like every single article I write about Kingdom Come Deliverance starts with talking about its many bugs and glitches. I wish things were different, because the game does have so much to offer. Unfortunately, there’s no going around the game’s many problems. The glitches in Kingdom Come Deliverance can completely destroy your experience, and/or make you lose hours of progress. A major patch for the game has been in the works for a while, and players have been awaiting it anxiously.

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Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for Kingdom Come Deliverance patch 1.3 a bit longer. Daniel Vavra of Warhorse Studios announced as much on his Twitter. The patch will have to be delayed for a few days, at least. According to the tweet, it should come out on PC this week, so in a couple of days. As for the console version, those will come out a couple of days after that. This is because of the certification process that the patch will have to go through. The reason for the delay is that the developers don’t want to rush the patch, so as to not cause even further problems.

As for what is going to be in the patch, well, it’s going to “fix tons of quest related bugs.” But probably the most major addition that the patch will bring is the Save & Quit option. Yes, when the patch comes out, you’ll finally be able to save the game whenever you want, without any mods. Sure, it’ll also quit the game, but at least it’s some kind of middle-of-the-road solution. The purists will probably not be too happy about that, but oh well.

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