Kingdom Come Deliverance On the Scent Quest Has Serious Bugs

On the Scent is a main quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Unfortunately, many players have been having trouble with it. There’s several game-breaking bugs that prevent people from completing it, forcing a reload and losing a bunch of progress. More importantly, some have been trouble finding Reeky’s location in the Ont The Scent quest in time, before he gets killed.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance On the Scent Quest Has Serious Bugs
Kingdom Come Deliverance On the Scent Quest Has Serious Bugs

Everybody that’s been paying even a bit of attention to Kingdom Come Deliverance has already heard all about the different glitches plaguing the game. One of the most broken quests seems to be On the Scent. There’s quite a bit of players on Reddit that are complaining about it. Some have been complaining about Reeky, the NPC they’ve been looking for, ends up being dead when they find him. This might not be a bug; they just took too long to solve the quest, and Reeky got murdered. That being said, there are game-breaking problems. Sometimes, they can’t talk to Reeky at all, which is necessary to complete the quest. For others, he doesn’t appear at all. It’s incredibly frustrating, and it’s far from the only broken quest in the game.

How to Complete On the Scent Quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance

When you get the On the Scent quest, your first order of business is to go to Ledetchko. Talk to both Reeky’s father and the bathhouse wench. You won’t have any problem finding them, at least, during the day, since they’re clearly marked. After talking to the father, you can go through Reeky’s father’s estate and find Reeky’s stash. It’s in the west corner of the garden, under some rocks. After that, go through every single dialogue option with the bathhouse wench. You’ll learn that you need to talk to the woodcutters.

where to find reeky in on the scent quest kingdom come deliverance

After talking with the woodcutters, you’ll have to talk with the innkeeper. Eventually, you’ll pry Reeky’s location out of him. Basically, it’s the location to the northeast of Ledetchko (pictured above). Talk to Reeky, and that will start the My Friend Timmy quest. For more info on the game, check out our other Kingdom Come Deliverance articles, including Needle in a Haystack – How to find Pious.

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