Kingdom Come Deliverance Where to Find Nightingale Keeping the Peace

Kingdom Come Deliverance Keeping the Peace quest requires you to find and talk to the NPC Nightingale. He can only be found in one location, and at a specific time of day. Not only that, but you first have to get some gear in order to patrol with Nightingale in the Keeping the Peace quest. To help you out, here’s our guide on where to find Nightingale in Kingdom Come Deliverance Keeping the Peace quest.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Where to Find Nightingale Keeping the Peace
Kingdom Come Deliverance Where to Find Nightingale – Keeping the Peace

Where to Find Nightingale in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

To find Nightingale in Kingdom Come Deliverance, you’ll have to come to the church in Rattay in the afternoon. So, somewhere between noon and 7 PM. Look around the churchyard, and you’ll find Nightingale, aka Jaroslav the watchman, patrolling around.

However, you’ll have to first visit the armory and get some gear. This is especially important if you’ve escaped from Talmberg and Skalitz with nothing but the shirt on your back. The armory is located on the other side of town, near the cobbler. You can follow the wall of the castle to the east, and you’ll come across it on the right. Talk to the guard hanging around the armory, and you’ll get a helmet, gambeson, and club.

Once you equip all of the gear, head to the churchyard in the afternoon, and talk to Nightingale. If he still mocks you for not being geared up properly, it’s just a glitch. Push forwards with the conversation, and the quest will still begin. Side note: during the conversation, Nightingale will mention Theresa, and that you should go and talk to her, which will give you the option to court her. For more info on that, check out our article Kingdom Come Deliverance Theresa Romance – McLovin Achievement.

How to complete Keeping the Peace Kingdom Come Deliverance Quest?

When you start the patrol route with Nightingale, you’ll soon come across your first objective. You’ll have to solve a dispute between the armorsmith and the beggarwoman. Simply navigate through the conversation, and solve it how you see just.

Keep walking with Nightingale, and listen to what he has to say about the town and refugees from Skalitz. He’ll chase of a beggar, and you’ll learn that beggars can only beg near the church. Follow him to the north gate, and you’ll find out about a guard that’s chilling in the Trader’s Tavern. After you chase him back to duty, sit down with Nightingale, and play Farkle until night falls.

When it gets dark, take the torch from Nightingale, go to the Rathaus on the other side of town and ring the bell three times. Go back to the tavern, and you’ll get into a tussle with some patrons that refuse to leave. Rough up Sir Hans until Sir Hanush comes in to intervene. After that, the Keeping the Peace quest will be over.

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