Kingdom Hearts 3 All Mini Games List - Classic Kingdom, Cooking

Mini games in Kingdom Hearts 3 are numerous, and all of them offer some good rewards. Every world has some kind of KH3 minigame. Then, there are thematically connected minigames that span across several worlds. Some of them are hidden in the levels, while others are a part of the campaign, that you can then replay at will. Our Kingdom Hearts 3 All Mini Games List guide will show you which minigames you can play in KH3, such as Classic Kingdom games, cooking, and others.

Kingdom Hearts 3 All Mini Games List - Classic Kingdom, Cooking
Kingdom Hearts 3 All Mini Games List – Classic Kingdom, Cooking

What Minigames Can You Play in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts offers you a whole bunch of different minigames, as it turns out. It seems like every single world that you can visit has some kind of map-specific minigame. Plus, there are also minigames that are similar in nature, but differ from world to world. On top of all of that, there are games that you can find hidden in different chests. These match up with the minigames from Kingdom Hearts Union Cross (those that unlock the Starlight Keyblade). So, let’s list the minigames that KH3 has to offer!

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  • Classic Kingdom – These are the aforementioned games that appear in Union Cross. You discover them hidden around the game’s many worlds. They are basically like little cartridges or something, and you can play them on your Gummiphone. They resemble Tiger Electronics games of yore.
  • Flantastic Seven – Every major world in Kingdom Hearts 3 has a hidden Flan Heartless. When you find them, you get to play a minigame. Beating them gives you some really handy and rare rewards. For more info, check out our Kingdom Hearts 3 Flantastic Seven Locations & Rewards guide.
  • Moogle Gummiphone Photo Missions – You can access these from either the Moogle Shop or the Party Menu. Basically, the Moogle gives you a list of things for you to photograph using your Gummiphone.
  • Remy’s Cuisine Cooking Game – Exactly what it says. This minigame from Twilight Town allows you to prepare different kinds of recipes with Remy from Ratatouille. Only if you have the necessary ingredients, of course.
  • Verum Rex: Beat of Lead – You can play this game in Toy Box, the world of Toy Story. It’s basically an FPS stage, where you pilot a robot and blow up enemies.
  • Festival Dance – The dancing minigame awaits in the Kingdom of Corona, aka Tangled world. You get commands that you have to repeat in order to perform some sick moves. Has a little bit of a DDR flavor to it.
  • Goofy Curling – A cool little game that you can play in Arendelle. You ride Goofy’s shield down a snowy hill, doing crazy stunts and dodging enemies. Classic.
  • Fruit Shooting Game – Very reminiscent of puzzle games of old. Basically, you fire fruit and try to match it up for points. Simple concept, but pretty fun.
  • Flash Tracer – This minigame is available in the world of San Fransokyo, aka the world of Big Hero Six. It’s a time-attack game, in which you have to rush through the map collecting neon rings.

So, that’s our list of minigames that we’ve fond in Kingdom Hearts 3. If we’ve missed some of them, please let us know in the comments. And, if you need help with anything else in the game, feel free to check out some of our other Kingdom Hearts 3 guides. Among many others, we have Wellspring Crystal Material Search, Gummi Ship Customization, Materials & Blueprints, and Flantastic Seven Locations & Rewards.

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