Kingdom Hearts 3 Fluorite Locations - How to Get

Fluorite is one of the many synthesis materials in Kingdom Hearts 3. This crafting ingredient isn’t particularly rare, but you’ll have trouble finding it early on, and it’s required for a lot of crafting recipes. If you’re having trouble finding this mineral in KH3, our Kingdom Hearts 3 fluorite locations guide will help you.

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kingdom hearts 3 fluorite locations
KH3 Fluorite Locations – How to Get

Where to find fluorite in KH3?

Although you can find fluorite veins in the various worlds you’ll visit (they look like the one pictured above), this isn’t the optimal way to get them. If you want to farm them, the best approach would be to go to space. Destroying asteroids in the Misty Stream area will sometimes yield fluorite, and they’ll respawn. That’s the cheapest way to get them, but it’s kind of tedious.

If you’re willing to wait a bit and spend a bit, you will unlock the option to buy them at some point. They’ll become available after you’ve beaten the first Misty Stream world – Kingdom of Corona or Monstropolis. You will be able to buy them from the Moogle shop for 500 munnies a piece. At the point when the mineral appears in the store, the amount will seem paltry, and you’ll probably be able to buy more than you would ever need.

A lot of keyblades require fluorite when upgrading them, so you’ll probably want to stockpile some even before visiting the worlds from Monsters Inc or Tangled. In that case, farming them in space would be the best choice.

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