Jungle Puzzle Solutions - Jungle Trophy in The Witness

Jungle Trophy in the witness is on of the easier to get. There are not that many puzzles and their principle is rather simple.
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Completing them all gives you the trophy and unlocks another laser beam. The whole point of these puzzles is to listen to the surrounding sounds. There will be a bird chirping the solution. Bird makes three sounds – low, middle and high pitched tones. Use that to solve the maze puzzles (draw the line in the top, middle or low part of the maze, matching the tones). There will b e obstacles in the way (other sounds or the bird chirping a melody not matching the puzzle you are seeing in front of you), but if you listen carefully you will hear the solution sooner or later. Put your headphones on and enjoy this great little challenge.

Jungle Sound Puzzle Solutions

The path to where you find the first jungle puzzle is not easily found at first. From the entry area go right and go towards the shore. Follow the short until you see the entrance into the jungle (there is a temple with red doors on your left). Enter the jungle and in front of you is a tall tree and a path leading upwards to your left. Take the left path and after only a few steps there will be a small path to the right. It is easily miss-able, but that is the way towards the first puzzle. Stand in front of the puzzle and listen to the bird’s chirp. It should be a two tone chirp with one high and one low note. That is the hint for the puzzle’s solution. The rest of them are similar.

Jungle Trophy – unlocking the laser

After you solve the final puzzle panel a pink cable will lead you into a bamboo jungle maze. Just hug the left wall and keep following it. This will lead you to the nook where the laser is located and once you activate it you will complete this part of the game. Congratulations!

jungle trophy the witness

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    Oh thank you for the pictures of how to get to the first puzzle! I must have spent an hour running around the jungle without finding it. I thought the game was bugged

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