How to get inside the bunker at the beginning of The Witness

The Witness is a puzzle game with progressively harder maze puzzles. Very close to the beginning of the game you’ll come across a puzzle on the door of a bunker with white and black dots and hexagons whose solution might evade you at first and this page will tell you how to solve it.
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At the beginning of the game you will come across a force field that you can’t unlock. Solve three puzzles in the vicinity to be able to unlock the force field and you’ll find yourself on a little path. Keep going along this path and to your left you should see a sort of a bunker with a new type of puzzle on the door. If you choose to ignore it at this time and move ahead you will find a collection of puzzles that teach you the basics of what needs to be done. The point is that you have to go in between the fields that are marked with black and white dots, but also you have to pick up every black hexagon along the way. I thought I had it for sure several times, but the solution failed without pointing out what I missed or where I went wrong. It was almost by accident that I came across the solution that did not seem the obvious path to take. That is why I thought I share it with you guys in video and screenshot form. Check our guide for all puzzle solutions in the Witness if you need a hint for solving puzzles in other areas.

The Witness is a game where solving these puzzles is the very point of the game and solving them yourself is what brings players great satisfaction. If you are so stumped that you just can’t be bothered anymore and you just want to see the solution to the bunker door puzzle scroll down for the screenshot of the solution or watch the video bellow.

The Witness Bunker puzzle solution

The Witness Bunker door puzzle solution
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  1. M

    Sorry gor bad English.Near the town there is a windmill,and down inside theres a puzzle,and the solution to that puzzle is the thing you find inside the bunker.
    Once you solve it theres a tv and on it will appear a guy(maybe a developer idk.)and he will talk about something,like science and art.

  2. M

    There are more of these videos to be found,cause there is room for more,and the video is called Yesterday,tomorow and you (by NASA or something)

  3. M

    In the bunker near the sea in the desert theres another one of these

  4. J

    How did you figure out the white dot has to be on the left?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Because all white dots have to be separated by the line you draw in the maze from the black dots.

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