Starkiller Base Carbonite | Lego SW Force Awakens

Starkiller Base is a hub you’ll unlock later on in Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s a big map, with ten collectible carbonite bricks, each with a new character trapped inside.
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They can be tricky to find, and even trickier to reach, since each one requires a certain set of abilities. In this guide, we will show you Starkiller Base Carbonite Locations in Lego SW Force Awakens.

To unlock the heroes trapped inside these bricks, you’ll need to visit the D’Qar medical wing – it’s the only place with the equipment necessary for defrosting them.

Count Dooku Location

In order to unlock Count Dooku, you first have to finish a bounty hunter side mission. When you’re done, approach the building next to the dome. Use the grappling hook to get to the roof and destroy the object by the tower. Build a BB-8 pad from the pieces, then use the small robot to power up the turret. It will shoot across the valley and uncover the carbonite.

Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper Carbonite

Approach the force field and use dark side Force on the thing above it. Once it breaks, use BB-8’s skills on the charge up station to lower the field and reach the brick with Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper inside.

Han Solo Stormtrooper Unlock

Go to the building on the north side of the courtyard. Look for a terminal by the force field. Simply use it with Kylo Ren and it will disable the lock. Once you pick up the brick, you’ll be able to unlock Han Solo Stormtrooper.

Darth Maul Lego Force Awakens

To unlock Darth Maul, you’ll need an athletic character, like Rey. Get to the giant wall in the courtyard, and use the handlebars to climb it. Launch yourself off the force-sensitive pad, and you’ll end up face to face with a carbonite slab.

Imperial Royal Guard Location

If you want the Imperial Royal Guard, you’ll need to go to the hangar in the south, the one with the two TIE fighters parked in front of it. Break the cracked wall near the fighters, and you’ll find the slab behind them.

Death Star Trooper Carbonite

Go to the gorge in the northernmost part of the map. Destroy everything you find there, and use the two resulting piles of bricks to build an X-Wing and a TIE-Fighter. They’ll start fighting once both are there, and when they’re done, you’ll get the brick with the Death Star Trooper.

How to unlock Scout Trooper

If you want the Scout Trooper, go into the ravine leading into the large valley. Look for a ledge with golden boulders on it. Climb it, then destroy the golden stones. Steam will start gushing from below them, and a carbonite brick will appear.

TIE Interceptor Pilot Location

Look to the east when you get the previous piece – you’ll see another ledge, this time with a silver Lego pile. Use the handlebars to climb up to the chunk, then blow it up to get the TIE Interceptor Pilot carbonite.

Anakin Skywalker Character Unlock

Follow the western edge of the large valley until you find a crashed X-Wing. Use the dark side Force to break it appart and reveal a pool of water. Swith to someone who can swim, and make them dive for the Anakin Skywalker carbonite slab.

Snowtrooper Classic Skin

Also on the western end of the valley is the Snowtrooper Classic skin. Go south along the edge until you reach a walled-up cave entrance. Destroy the wall to uncover somebody’s bedroom, with a carbonite brick in it.