Villain Sectors Locked - Current Hero in Campaign Mission in Marvel's Avengers

The Villain Sectors Locked message in Marvel’s Avengers tells you that the current hero is in a mission. This “error” pops up in certain Villain Sectors in the Avengers Initiative mode, and has been causing some confusion among players. Why is this Villain Sector locked? What does it mean that the hero is in a mission? Well, we’re going to explain everything in our Villain Sectors Locked – Current Hero in Campaign Mission in Marvel’s Avengers guide.

villain sectors locked current hero in campaign mission in marvels avengers
Villain Sectors Locked – Current Hero in Campaign Mission in Marvel’s Avengers

How to Fix Villain Sectors Locked – Current Hero in a Mission Marvel’s Avengers Issue

To fix the Villain Sector Locked issue in Marvel’s Avengers, the one where the game tells you that the current hero is in a mission, you simply have to continue playing through the main campaign. See, certain heroes in the game only unlock after you complete a specific campaign mission. You can find more detailed info on that in our Unlock Thor, Captain America, Iron Man in Marvel’s Avengers guide. Fortunately, you don’t have to complete the entire campaign, just the specific missions.

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Once you get access to the hero necessary to play the Villain Sector that’s been giving you trouble, you should be good to go. Head into the Avengers Initiative, find your faction leader at the outpost, and accept the quest. If you’ve done everything correctly, the sector should open up for you. Once more for the cheap seats in the back: play the main campaign until you unlock the hero you need for the locked sector.

So, yeah, that’s how you solve the Villain Sector Locked – Current Hero is in a Mission problem in Marvel’s Avengers. If you have questions about something else, check out our other guide son the subject. To name just a few, we’ve written DNA Strongbox Locations – Genetic Treasure, Interrogation Anxiety – Can’t Talk to Bruce / Tony Bug Fix, and Shield Cache Locations – Loot Shield Caches Vault.

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    Thomas Hughes

    I have not had a villain sector refresh in over a week please advise.

    1. B

      I’m the same keeps changing every 24 or so hours but every time I log on it says I’ve already completed it

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