Avengers Hostage Rescue Locations for Daily Challenges

Hostage rescue is one of the objectives you can get in daily challenges in Marvel’s Avengers. In order to complete it, you’ll have to find and save hostages across several missions. A lot of people are having trouble with this task: specifically, they can’t seem to find enough hostages in missions. This guide will help you by showing the best Avengers hostage rescue locations for daily challenges.

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avengers hostage rescue locations daily challenge
Avengers Hostage Rescue Locations for Daily Challenges

Hostage locations in Marvel’s Avengers

The best place to look for hostages is the …And We’re Back threat sector in the Avengers Initiative. It’s the one in Jersey City, and you can find four hostages in the final stage of the mission. Apart from that, every threat sector should have at least one – Stark Realities and Old Town come to mind.

Inhumane Alliance missions can also be a good source of ally rescues, as well as Shield Faction missions. Depending on the number of hostages you’re tasked with rescuing, you might have to do more than one. You can figure out where they are exactly on a map by using tactical awareness (up on the D-pad), then just head on over to their location (the icon with a person on it) and press a button to free them.

The first time I did this, I was a bit disappointed – the hostage just stood there after being rescued, still looking as scared as they were before I set them free. There was no running away with tears of joy streaming down their face, no thank you note, nothing. I guess superheroes shouldn’t expect people to be thankful for their actions, but still, it does sting a bit.

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  1. K

    Can I know the name of the mission to get 4 rescues?

    1. A

      Probably …And we are back! The second half of the mission is to free 4 inhumans in capture cells. But there is one more in the city to free. So that makes 5! I just did this one to test and i only got 3 on my daily. It is def bugged.

  2. D

    Yeah…..Last night I realized that was the best place to complete it. But then today it’s gone. It’s not their anymore. Not sure if they took it, or the game is glitching on me.

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