Guardians of the Galaxy - Free Ticket to the Collector’s Emporium

There are many things you can miss if you make the wrong choices in Guardians of the Galaxy. For example, one of these comes in the form of Nikki Choices, where, depending on what you’ve chosen, you can be locked out of some Collectibles. The option to get a free ticket to the Collector’s Emporium is another. To get free access to this Easter Egg-heavy area, you will need to go to a specific place and correctly answer a series of questions. Our Guardians of the Galaxy – Free Ticket to the Collector’s Emporium guide will tell you the correct answers to all of these so that you can go and bask in Marvel comicbook lore and trivia for free.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Free Ticket to the Collector’s Emporium

How to Get Free Ticket to the Collector’s Emporium Guardians of the Galaxy

Doing this will save you a whopping 5000 Credits, which is what you otherwise would have had to pay to get inside the Emporium. When you arrive at Knowhere, head directly for Mantlo’s Bar. Do not proceed and go down the stairs, at which point Drax will leave. If you do this, you will not be able to get the Free Ticket. So, now that you know that, enter the bar. A cutscene will play and Star-Lord will get accosted by Lipless, an alien who claims that Peter and he are old friends. What you need to do here is to select the following three answers: “Pretend you remember”, “Like A Hurricane”, and “Through The Rain.” Select all of these will convince Lipless that you do remember your friendship with him. He will then reward you with a Free Ticket to the Collector’s Emporium.

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Next, head to the Collector’s Emporium. You’ll know it when you see it, it has a giant holographic projection of the Collector’s head. Present your Free Ticket to the Ticket Seller at the entrance and you will be able to go inside. If you are a comicbook fan, you will no doubt get a chuckle from all the trivia and items there.

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