A new exploration and discovery video for Mass Effect: Andromeda

Just recently we have talked about combat, tactics and weapons of Mass Effect Andromeda. Today, a video is out covering areas which hide the magic of the series – exploration and discovery. The video details some of the game’s mechanics regarding these two.

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One of the nicest details that cropped up in the video is the fact that wherever you find yourself, you are able to look out the window and actually see your exact location. The number of discoverable planets is over a 100, however, the number of them which can be landed on is much smaller. Still, those locations are pretty huge and will require you to utilize the Mak…Nomad.

Another thing making a comeback is the effect of planetary conditions. Not sure if this will include some really hostile planets, but the one they visit in the video has deadly heat. Your heat meter will eventually run out and you will have to find shelter in the Nomad. Also, forward stations will have to be set up and serve as safe points to recharge, reload or use for quick traveling.

All of your work on a planet, discoveries, solving problems, allying yourself with locals improves viability. Planet viability allows you to build outposts, as well as improve the Nexus. As you do so, you will be able to wake up more colonists. Your choice of people to bring back from cryosleep influences the help you get. More scientists, for faster research? More military, to help with your combat? Or merchants, for improved trading?

The vaults seem to be a network that exists on all the worlds and to access them requires exploration, puzzle solving and combat. They are the key areas for surviving Andromeda.

This has probably been the most interesting video of in-game mechanics in ME: Andromeda to date. Here’s to hoping that the final product is just as seamless.


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