Driving in style: Final Fantasy XV to get free off-road Regalia addition

Final Fantasy XV just can’t seem to stay out of news. One moment, it’s almost coming out for PC. The next, Square Enix is publishing a free 2D brawler directly connected to FF XV. And now, a special version of Regalia will be a free addition!

In the off-road Regalia, drive like a king. Even though you’re a prince.

It would appear that the beloved car’s makeover has been worked on and now, in the video from GDC 2017, it looks much more appealing. Gone are the huge wheels, and back is the elegance we’re so used to with Regalia. This time, it allows you to travel all over the place, not just on roads. The question that poses itself is how does this affect Chocobos? They were there for the exact same purpose, weren’t they? Still, it is better to have more choice than less, and fans will probably appreciate free content.

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Speaking of additional content, the paid DLCs are coming, with Gladiolus’ and Prompto’s storylines, while Ignis-related episode is supposedly having a huge impact on the story and will be related at a later date.

If you check out Tabata’s interview from a couple of days ago, you can also see that the plans for online play are still in development (as well as the VR), and that it can be expected some time in the future.

The new Final Fantasy game came out last year after a long period of development hell. If you are among the many who are still enjoying it, make sure to check our guides for stuff you might have missed!

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