It’s the little things: Mass Effect Andromeda might get a cutscene-only rifle

Everyone’s favorite space opera, Mass Effect, hit quite a snag at the time of the release of Andromeda. The game did not really work as advertised, featuring some increasingly more hilarious bugs, to the delight of the Internet. The developers have been hard at work trying to put their best put forward. Their pride might be hurt, but their wallets certainly are not – Andromeda is still holding the top spot on the sales list.

mass effect andromeda x5 ghost
The weapon in question, X5 Ghost was not meant to be used in the game.

Apart from holding the top place in the sales, Andromeda seems to be doing well multiplayer-wise. The game seems to have picked up on all the good stuff they were doing with the MP for their previous titles. All the maps, characters, weapons and other stuff comes in free updates, and the combat has seen some serious improvements. Even the companion app, Apex HQ, works just fine, and you can check here for our guide to earning Apex points.

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In the newest attempt to win back the hearts and minds of players, Andromeda’s lead designer, Ian Frazier, recently replied to a tweet asking about the rifle from the trailer and where to find it in-game. Fraizer said that the rifle’s name was X5 Ghost and that it was an early option for a prop, but currently does not exist as a gun in the game. He added, however, that “several folks seem interested in it” and they will be investigating the possibility of actually making the gun usable in a future patch.

This seems like a nice gesture of good will by the developer, and it is something Mass Effect Andromeda desperately needs. Game’s success cannot be measured only in initial sales, as the name it makes for itself is all the more important for the potential sequels to be successful as well.

If you are already invested in the world of Andromeda, make sure to check our list of guides.

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