Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant Tiller Side Quest - How to complete H-047c Remnant Conservatory

Remnant Tiller is one of the side quests in Mass Effect Andromeda. It takes place on H-047c, a destroyed planet in the Remav system. To finish it, you’ll have to find a Remnant conservatory, a special kind of vault, and clear it out. The whole vault is a big puzzle, and it can be very disorienting. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant Tiller side quest.

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mass effect andromeda remnant tiller side quest
ME: Andromeda Remnant Tiller secondary op

How to complete H-047c Remnant Vault

remnant tiller side quest observer

Finding the vault is the easy part – it’s completing the puzzle inside that’s hard. Once you’re inside, activate the console on your right in the first room. It will spawn a friendly Remnant observer – a non-hostile NPC that will help you by working the consoles you can’t. Scan the console near the locked door, and the robot will open it. This is going to happen a lot throughout the dungeon.

You’ll end up in a large hall with a bunch of forcefields. There are two corridors leading towards the end chamber. Go down the western one (to your right). As soon as you’re in the hallway, turn right again and interact with the console. It will spawn an Observer. Exit the small corridor and turn right. Approach the console and scan it.

There are other consoles you can make your Observer buddy scan around the vault, but they only reward you with loot. In order to keep the guide as simple as possible, we’re not going to show them.

remnant observer console me andromeda

Once the Observer is done with the console, it will open up two secret rooms nearby, one on the north wall, the other on the south. They’ll be marked with glowing orbs, visible only when you approach. Activate the northern one first (one orb), then the southern (two orbs).

Continue south into the next room. Look to the east, and you’ll see a floating island between the corridors. Approach the edge, and a bridge will start forming. Cross it and get into the eastern corridor.

Continue using consoles to progress farther south, and you’ll reach the tiller room. An Elite Destroyer will be waiting for you. Use cover wisely. When you activate the tiller, you’ll have to solve a Remnant Decryption Puzzle.



  1. A

    How about the 3 orbs and 4 orbs? Did you find the secret? 🙂

    1. C

      seems like the audio hint after activating 1-4 just dosen’t play sometimes and if you are able to finish the ‘vault’ thats it.

  2. J

    The orbs activate the (four) bridges crossing the centre chasm – I think.

  3. K

    Interface with 1-2-3-and then 4 to open the secret room and Ryder will say did that even do anything

    1. M

      Where’s the secret room though?

    2. C

      Where is the secret room and what’s inside? The tiller part was simple. The hidden secret (or so I assume) is annoying bc I can’t find anything that opens up. I did hear the audio que karnivorkrew mentioned but not much else!

      1. S

        There’s a door that unlocks with 2 shield chargers to the East of terminals 3 & 4 once you activate the terminals in the appropriate order. It’s opposite the door you came from.

        Opening the second door beyond the chargers opens to a dead-end room, with a couple Nullifiers and some Observers. There’s a Glyph and some loot in the room too

        1. J

          Right I scanned 3 runes in that ruin, none of which are required to activate the Tiller… so question is… where is the console that needs those 3 runes?

          1. D

            I scoured this Tiller and the internet for over an hour after clearing the place. There’s 3 rooms with glyphs in them, but 4 glyphs total that are scannable. None of the glyphs you scan match with any of the glyphs on the puzzle that activates the Tiller. This led me to also think there had to be a side room of some kind, with a secondary puzzle.

            But I’m giving up the search. The only response I’ve found online that makes any sense is that on higher difficulties you have to scan those glyphs to activate the Tiller, but on lower difficulties, like Normal, you don’t. That would mean Bioware just forgot to remove the scannable glyphs on lower difficulties, or that they’re terrible at level design, since they’ve rewarded players for finding and solving side puzzles in other remnant structures, thus setting a harmful precedent for this one. That, or it’s some coding error. Or the entire world is just missing their secret side door. Or their secret side door is the part with the coding error.

            Any way you slice it, Bioware fucked up. I’m not entirely convinced it’s unsolvable or just bugged, but I’m not going to spend any more time on something like this.

  4. T

    Where’s the secret room that the for orbs open? I figure there’s a remnant locked chest somewhere because there’s scanable glyphs inside the observer locked rooms. The Western most southern passage has a door you can see that isn’t unlocked by any means I’ve found but clearly there’s something behind it!

  5. N

    If you’re looking at your mini map, all observer puzzles on the right side simply open new alcoves with chests. Left side observer command puzzles open alcoves with remnant terminals with corresponding lights. Use them in order from low to high (I.e. 1-4 = lights) and it will open an alcove in the bottom left room (mini map) which is defended by a few remnant. Alcove on the southwest corner has a container and scannable remnant data node while the alcove on the opposite side (northeast corner of the room) has a high return chest (I received 2 UR, 1 R, 3U, 1C + salvage)

  6. M

    I’m at the first part where u interfere with the console to let the remnant fix it but it dosent do anything!it just followers me ,i scaned it the console but no luck

    1. L

      The solution that worked for me, is where I was just keep scanning the console, without stopping, and at one point, he decided to repair it.

  7. R
    Rich Hawley

    I think I solved it so I’m just leaving a comment to help out if you haven’t figured it out yet. As stated by others, you activate the lights in order 1-4, for loot. The observers follow you through the complex, so if you have any remnant consoles still up, you haven’t unlocked everything (minus the key consoles). When you go into the small rooms with the shield bubbles, wait for the remnant (1 on west side, 1 on east side) to follow you into the room, then activate the console to open the door on the opposite side, and lead the observer to the console you want to unlock.

    1. R
      Rich Hawley

      Also there were 3 glyphs in one room (I forget the names). In the room by the entrance (kind of caved in area on the east side), there are two: Semiosis, and Magnitude.

  8. I

    Has any one tried activating them in 4-1 order? there is a room i cant get into but shows on the map, it is the southern most tip of the west (bottom left on mini map, or all the way down the right hand side hall as you look from the entrance) side, there is a wall that is a door there that you can see if you scan it, but i cant figure out how to get into it. i have found all the other rooms with the glyph and stuff you all mention. also when i get close to the “door” one of my party call out about enemies.

    1. I

      there is also a console back in the entrance “elevator shaft” room there you never touch, on the left side opposite the one that makes the friendly observer, anyone figure out what it does?

      1. E

        It is still a mystery after 3 years… I just guess that ‘door’ you can scan but never opens…

  9. T

    So… is this quest broken on ps4? I got to the second step, used the second observer to open up the two walls that were hiding consoles. But, no matter what I do (I’m activating the console with 1 light first, the the two lights second) nothing happens. After several tries, Ryder says something to the tune of “We must be missing something.” And then nothing continues to happen. I’m following the guide verbatim and I’ve been here for hours, what am I doing wrong?

  10. B

    Finally i found a site that is talking about this dam 4 orbs puzzle
    It has to broken or half finished or something .
    I just gave up and left.

  11. B

    I’ve seen so called walkthrough that doesn’t even mention it at all.
    Obviously the guy couldn’t figure it out so pretended it wasn’t there when he wrote up the walkthrough.

  12. D

    Tip: You have to scan consoles twice to get the friendly remnant to activate them.

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