Project Sonic 2017 now officially Sonic Forces

It has been quite a while since there was a really good Sonic game. Scratch that, since there was a good Sonic game. Sonic Forces aims to change that. The trailer is out as well.

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Sonic Team seems to be improving on the Sonic formula from their previous outings, and also using a new engine, which shows in the trailer. Increased view distance, explosions and velocity! The blue hedgehog is up to his usual shenanigans, moving at blinding speed through the level. The developers are promising three different play styles. The first is the “modern” experience, which can be seen in the trailer. The second one is “classic”, whatever that might mean at this point. The third one is a mystery as of yet.

The setting of the level seems to be happening in a world where Dr Robotnik won, which again means timelines, timelines, timelines. One would think people got tired after the Breath of the Wild mindtwists, but no. There will be multiple Sonics in the game, so, parallel dimensions? Perhaps the three listed play types can shed some light on this, but currently there is no further info on them.

On a similar topic, Sega seems to be up to revive Sonic, since there is another Sonic project announced for 2017. This one is geared more towards the lovers of old-school Sonic, as it is Sonic Mania 25th Anniversary Debut. It’s meant to see Sonic return to all its 2D platforming glory, with the addition of friends he picked up on the way, Tails and Knuckles. It should be out in spring 2017!

Sega says that more information on Sonic Forces is definitely coming soon. E3 is in June, less than 3 months away, so that might be the best place and time to expect more Sonic news.


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