Mass Effect: Andromeda microtransaction prices estimated

The new Mass Effect game is so near you can almost smell all that new faux-leather in the Tempest. And as all the new things, they can be quite pricey. Let’s talk micro-transactions.

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Sarah and Scott Ryder Mass Effect Andromeda
Scott and Sarah Ryder don’t really care for your multiplayer.

The lovely named Multiplayer Andromeda Points can be used to purchase items for multiplayer. So far ShopTo is one of the rare retailers that has presented the prices for individiual and in-bulk purchase of points. You will be able to go as low as £4 and as high as £80. Currently, no US retailers are listing their prices for this, however we can expect something in the line of $5 o $75. It is still known what and how much of it you exactly get for the purchased points. What is expected are probably multiple packs of multiplayer items.

If you are low on cash, before you get discouraged, remember that you can earn these points in-game as well. You don’t even have to play it to earn some of the rewards that are connected with playing MP – just send in your Strike Teams to do the mission. Of course, if you send AI to do your work, you will only get single player stuff. A reminder – all new content for multiplayer, including maps, abilities and characters, will remain free, regardless of microtransactions.

Bioware has “unleashed” several youtube videos detailing combat, exploration and general gameplay. Also, the Andromeda Initiative orientation videos have also finished their run. If you haven’t already tried them out, you should, as you gain a special Pathfinder helmet for finishing your “orientation”. For those gun-oriented, all of the main 4 classes will be back in Andromeda: pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and snipers, they will even carry some of the same names.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be out on PS4/PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and PC on March 28, 2017.