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AM MRS-71 Rifle is a sniper rifle in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. It has a high rate of fire (for a sniper weapon) and does decent amounts of damage. If you develop it to grade 4, it will have improved stability and a better scope. You’ll need a blueprint, though. In this guide, we show you where the find the AM MRS-71 Rifle blueprint. If you’re looking for another schematic, take a look at our list of blueprints.

mgsv am mrs-71 rifle blueprint location
It can be found during the dispatch mission Destroy the New Fighter Aircraft. In it, your fireteam will have to destroy an advanced fighter jet whose pilot decided to defect, and is located in Eastern Europe. It’s a dangerous mission – the difficulty rating is B, and you’ll have to own a four-wheel drive vehicle. Some of your soldiers may not return. Here’s the rest of the rewards you can get:
  • 400,000 GMP (100% chance)
  • 400 Golden Crescent (32% chance)
  • 4 volunteers (90% chance)
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