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LPG-61 is a machine gun in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It does little damage, but compensates with a very high rate of fire and great penetration.
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When built up to grade 4, it gets even better – bigger clip, a scope and a slot for customization. You’ll need a blueprint if you want to upgrade it. In this guide, we’ll show you how to obtain the LGP-61 blueprint. If you’re looking for some of the other schematics, you should go through our list of blueprints.

mgs5 lpg-61 blueprint location
You can get this one by doing a dispatch mission called Recapture The Port Facilities. It’s about freeing port facilities in Western Sahara from pro-independence forces. It’s a really dangerous mission, with an A difficulty rating. You’ll need 10 highly skilled warriors and a tank to start the mission. If you win, you might also get:
  • 450,000 GMP (100% chance)
  • 400 Golden Crescent (32% chance)
  • 4 volunteers (75% chance)
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