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D-Dog is the wild dog companion in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. He is a useful buddy that can help you out during missions, especially if you want to take the stealthy approach. In this guide, we’re going to tell you all about D-Dog – how to get him, what he can do and how to best use him in the field.

mgsv phantom pain ddog buddy guide

Where To Find D-Dog

In the southernmost part of Afghanistan map you’ll find D-Dog near a tree, just north of Spugmay Keep. If you miss him, Ocelot will contact you and tell you about a puppy. Use the Fulton device on him, and send him to Mother Base.

About D-Dog

You’ll find D-Dog as an abandoned puppy by the side of the road, and take him with you. When you come back to Mother Base after that, he’ll greet you excitedly, and Ocelot will tell you you can keep him and train him to become one of the Diamond Dogs.

When he grows up, you’ll notice he has an eye patch, just like Big Boss. This isn’t just cosmetic – if you look closely enough at him while he’s a puppy, you’ll see he’s missing an eye.

D-Dog Growth Time

Once he’s at the base, DD will greet you every time you come back. You’ll have to wait until he grows up to be able to take him on missions. You don’t have to do anything for him to mature, just be patient. There will be several cinematics during his growing up, and sometime after mission 10, when you decide to leave the base, a cinematic will start in which a grown-up DD jumps into the chopper. After that, you’ll be able to use him as a buddy.

D-Dog’s Abilities

When you approach an enemy camp, DD will automatically start marking people (both hostile and friendly) in a certain radius, even if they’re out of sight. He’ll also mark wild animals and plants in the desert, helping you collect resources and fill up your zoo.

Here a list of commands you can give out to him (some of them are not available until you raise the bond level):
  • Wait – He stays where you leave him.
  • Call/whistle – He comes to you.
  • Do it (kill enemy) – DD kills an enemy.
  • Keep em busy – He creates a diversion, occupying the attention of several enemies.
  • Bark – DD barks, drawing the attention of enemies within earshot.
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  1. D
    Dan Carter

    I found D-Dog he’s near a tree north north west of Spugmay Keep between there and an outpost. Ocelot will indicate when you’re near.

  2. M

    Does it take 5 real days for D-Dog to grow up? Or 5 in-game days?

    1. K
      Kris Pieper

      Just until you complete missions up to about 10ish from what i know. After every mission id come back to mother base till hes grown. Good luck 🙂

      1. I
        Iain Ingram

        Okay, but I had issues with mission 8 so i held it off, and just finished mission 12, and DD stopped showing up at Mother Base. Is this bad?

        1. T

          No it’s normal that means he gonna grow up in a few missions

          1. I’m on chapter 2 mission 37 I got D Dog at mission 10 and he still hasn’t grown up yet.

    2. M

      i got him right after mission 13

  3. M

    How do I raise the bond level between me and DD

    1. N

      Pet him during missions with him

    2. K

      use him in missions an actually make him do things

    3. J

      Also to build the bond, do not let him take damage during a mission

  4. A

    I missed him and I am currently on Episode 22.. do any of you guys know if I can still go get my puppy or do I have to start over from scratch to add him?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      I think you should still be able to find him at the spot we specified.

      1. A

        Cool, I’ll go look 🙂 Tnx

        1. A

          It worked.. puppy was still waiting and wewy happy to see me 😀

          1. N

            Did you have to complete episode 4 again?

  5. J

    should note that D-dog’s “do it” command changes with his gear, he can kill, stun, critically wound, and fulton ( he grabs all nearby neutralized enemies one at a time, not just one you have focused)

    his stealth also changes depending on gear as well, while naked, in his combat gear, or fultoning gear, he gets spotted frequently in the open, and the guard will shoo him away. while wearing either of the sneaking suits (lethal or stun) he is mostly ignored unless standing right in front of them.

    oddly enough, a dog in full combat armor does not seem strange to guards, they just shoo him away like it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

    1. J

      Well, dogs usually wake up and decide to wear that sort of stuff right?

      … Right?!

    2. M


      1. A

        That actually just makes D Horse take a dump. Try using that command when on a frequently traveled road. The effects are rather hilarious.

  6. D

    Got him right at completion of level 9 when i was forced back to motherbase, and chose to call in helicopter to leave and do level 10. He is grown AT level 10 if you have completed 1-9 already without skipping

  7. M
    MGS TPP Fanatic

    thnx so much every1 4 hlp

  8. S

    I found him in the specified spot while exploring after completing A Hero’s Way, so you should be able to find him anytime.

  9. K

    How can I put developed items on my buddy?

  10. M

    Wait , ¿Who is doing this? , Such a lust for revenge! , Whooooooooo!
    Ok no I Finished the game and i was already trying find to D-Dog But i cannot i searched in everywhere inclusive in the area from contact , but no , So.. Do you got more examples from where is DD?

  11. S
    S king

    What is required to get d dogs armor?

  12. T

    Do you have to do main missions or can you do side missions to make dd grow up

  13. M

    After i fulton the truck in episode 16…I can’t get the game to save it even though the save icon is working.I completed episodes 17/18/and 19 but when I turn my xbox one back on to cntinue the game,it starts over at episode 16….Any help? It has done this several times. Do I have to do more than just fulton the truck in episode 16? Thanks for any help anyone can give

  14. M

    After i fulton the truck in episode 16…I can’t get the game to save it even though the save icon is working.I completed episodes 17/18/and 19 but when I turn my xbox one back on to cntinue the game,it starts over at episode 16….Any help? It has done this several times. Do I have to do more than just fulton the truck in episode 16? Thanks for any help anyone can give

    1. T

      Corrupt data perhaps?

      Should’ve bought a PlayStation.

      1. T

        gtfo here with your playstation propaganda

        1. J

          PC never has that problem 🙂

  15. B

    In my game he found me. I was playing around with Fultoning after it first unlocked and was first really able to free roam, so i went up to the Wakh Sind Barracks and started scouting on a hill to the southwest and I suddenly had a puppy yapping at me. When I went to look for the dog where this guide (and many others) said to go, I couldn’t find him, because I already had him ( didn’t know thst though, I thought the 1st was just a random puppy or something)

    So either the spot isn’t set in stone, or something weird happened in my game.

  16. A
    Amit khan

    Mission 32 still playing without D-dog

  17. K

    I got the dog after i completed the whole game by redoing the mission 4 ….. ocelot took him ….. he used to appear at the base and now i couldn’t find him at the base …. although ppl on the base talk about him like “thanks for saving that cute puppy” ….when will he mature …. it’s been days now ….. i have completed the game so I’m doing side ops right now …… Do i have to do missions again to get him ???

    1. A

      yes, me too. i’ve finished up to mission 34 and still d dog didn’t grow up

  18. So, I’m only 2% complete. I just completed the “phantom limbs” mission, and first time back into Afghanistan to explore, I found him and Fulton him out, however when I go back to mothership, no d dog, ocelot, or any mention of d dog. Am I just too early? Any help greatly appreciated

    1. J

      No, its just that after two missions, he doesnt apear, dont worry this is normal, just do more missions and he will grow

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