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The Legendary Gunsmith is a specialist soldier in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Having him as a staff member unlocks weapon customization. You’ll be able to exchange parts between guns, change the color and patters on them and add accessories like flashlights. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find the Legendary Gunsmith. Taking Quiet along for the ride is the best choice, since she’ll scout out the areas for you.

NOTE: If you finished Mission 13, and the required side ops aren’t showing up, try doing other ones in their areas. Clean up any side ops available in the Bwala Village region, and this one should pop-up. Repeat for the other two areas if necessary.

Extract The Legendary Gunsmith

Shortly after you arrive in Angola (sometime after Mission 13: Pitch Dark), you’ll get a Side Op called 107 – Extract The Legendary Gunsmith. It will take you to Bwala ya Masa, Angola in search of the specialist. You’ll find him patrolling the area with an escort (3 soldiers). He starts his route by the coast and goes up towards the northern watchtower. The best place for the ambush is while he’s in the village.

It turns out he’s not really the gunsmith you’re looking for, so you have to do Side Op 108 – Extract The Legendary Gunsmith Again. This time you’re going to Afghanistan Central Base Camp, in the north of Afghanistan. This gunsmith is a prisoner being watched by 3 guards, by the shooting range. When you snatch him, he’ll let you customize vehicles.

Sadly, he isn’t the one you’re looking for, either. Finally, the third Side Op (109 – Extract The Legendary Gunsmith Yet Again) will lead you to the real gunsmith. He’s being held prisoner in Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost in Afghanistan. The room he’s in is left from the main entrance. Now you can customize your weapons!

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  1. S

    So, I did mission 21 I think (eliminate commander and arms dealer at airport) and this mission vanished from my side ops. Hopefully it’ll come back, I wasn’t expecting it to be something big, just a blueprint for a good gun or something. Turns out it’s a whole slew of customization options.

    1. N

      It will come back.

  2. T

    Well I started doing the side op with quiet and was clearing/fulconing the soliders and the squad was in a blind spot and snuck up on me I turned to take em out with riot smg and quite shot the dude in the head. Does this ruin my chances of getting the other side ops ?

    1. M

      Same thing happened to me just a minute ago! First time taking her as a buddy and she sabotages me!

      1. C
        Cenk Ozdag

        anyone else having this problem? mission 107 is failed and i cannot get it back on the map.

        1. C

          You have to get out of africa and come back. I have another problem though, The next side ops don’t pop up even after doing other sideops in afghanistan(where the 2 other sideops pop)

      2. G

        D DOG is literally the best companion… D walker is maybe second best… Why are you using quiet…. She does literally the same thing you do as a player.

  3. J

    unless you absolutely need the fire support, take d-dog, his scouting is MUCH more reliable.

    Quiet’s scouting works off her line of sight from her sniping position or during her lap around the requested location, and while her marking is permanent, D-dog’s temporary marking sees through walls, and updates in real time. too many times have I had her miss someone only to have a surprise to deal with after walking through a door, or around a corner she can’t see past.

    1. M

      Yeah true that, D-dog ‘s scouting is so much better, i took qiuet on an interpreter extraction and she didnt tag a single enemy, she just stayed near the drop zone

      1. F

        You realize you have to control Quiet she is hands down the best Buddy once you get her weapons and commands maxed out.

      2. A

        you do know you need to go to the menu and select buddy support and tell quiet to either scout or attack a position right? This made me laugh so hard :’D

        1. M

          Quiet is the best and most cheeeeese character in the entire buddy system she can go spot everyone..then take them out..with her dmg sniper rifle or eventually a tranq rifle u can litteraly put her to attack from basically any angle and she doesn’t miss 2 minutes in any camp and everybody sleep here comes the Fulton lol it’s almost like cheating honestly

          1. M

            Pull up map..d pad down with quiet as a buddy have her scout.. let her..1 minute..now R1 cover me smh

          2. A

            to be honest i never understand why people don’t use punctuation it is like impossible to tell where it starts and ends when people like this type yet the only reason i am doing this is because you are and it just really bothers me sometimes but i guess you are okay because you are a metal gear fan.

  4. S

    So I did the last mission ( extract the legendary gunsmith yet again ) and he isn’t in the base and I can’t customise my weapons idk what to do, I did this mission a couple of days ago so I don’t remember if I killed him by accident or something. Help???

    1. D

      Same with me man

  5. W

    So I did 107, but 108 did not start and neither 108 nor 109 are appearing on my side ops list… Can anyone help?

    1. A

      You need to clear out some of the side misisons will.. as for the people saying quiet shot someone.. I belive the targets for all of these missions are prisoners, not enemy soldiers, so unless you tell her too, quiet shouldn’t be shooting them.

      1. P

        For the first gunsmith mission, it is a soldier.
        Also, I did not finish 107, and it isn’t showing up now.
        I have done all side ops around the village.

      2. E

        How many side missions do you have to do exactly? I had done the side op since it popped up and I’ve beat Chapter 1 though i still don’t have 108 or 109

  6. M

    I followed this guide and the information is correct. However, for me the option to costumize weapons happened already after finishing side ops 108. Later after doing side ops 109 I essentially got nothing new in terms of costumization options either. Could just be some random glitch on my playthrough but thought it worth to post.

  7. V
    Vicky big Boss

    I finished all missions till mission 29 but I didn’t get the side opp 107. So I finished some side opps in Angola but no luck. My brother got side opp as soon as he finshed mission 13(pitch dark) can some one help me????????????

  8. D

    I don’t know if I killed him or not cuz I’m on mission 21 and I have no side op 108 or 109

  9. P

    I’m on mission twenty-something, and it isn’t showing up.
    I have done all sides ops around the village, please HELP!

  10. C

    Did 107 and is was a success but still no 108 or 109 both regions are cleared out as well what do I do?

  11. I
    Ian Schmitt

    I killed the first gunsmith on accident lol and side ops mission 107 isn’t even there anymore so can i never get the gunsmith now?

  12. A
    Aidan penny

    I killed him by accident and it says mission complete, what do I do?

  13. P
    Paul Eames

    I HAD all 3 gunsmiths, because iv been customising all my weapons, but since I got the assault rifle ARC NL lvl 7, I can’t put an R3 suppresser on it so I’m thinking have they been captured or just taken from a rival on my fob??

    1. J

      No the arc nl rifle is stupid because it just won’t let you put it on it sucks

  14. D
    Daddy Kenny

    Well i did mission 13 and i did 107 but didnt get 108 so what do i do? Btw i finished 107 and extracted the guy i was supposed to extract

  15. R

    Okay, so dont hold me to this, but I’m thinking maybe there is other places of Africa you have to unlock first before you can do the later gunsmith ops

  16. A

    All legendary gunslingers are there. You just need to search for them. On the legendary gunslinger again mission i searched allover the camp. I found him tied up in some tent. Use DDog he will sniff him out for you.

  17. E

    I think I killed the 1st legendary gunsmith and it says complete but i want to extract him how do I replay the side op???!!!

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