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Hail MGR-4 is a grenade launcher in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. It has a magazine, which gives it a higher rate of fire.
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On the other hand, it does less damage than other launchers. The grade 4 upgrade requires a blueprint. In this guide, we’re going to show you the Hail MGR-4 blueprint location. If this isn’t the schematic you’re looking for, try finding it in our list of all blueprints.

mgs5 phantom pain hail mgr-4 blueprint location
One way to get it is through a dispatch mission called Destroy the Uranium Centrifuges. It involves destroying a uranium enrichment facility in the East. The difficulty is B, so you’ll have to have a team of highly skilled soldiers for this one. A tank is also required, so if you still hadn’t Fulltoned a tank to Mother Base, now would be the time. If the mission succeeds, you’ll receive the following rewards (plus the blueprint):
  • 450,000 GMP (100% chance)
  • 15,000 Minor Metal (32% chance)
  • 4 volunteers (75% chance)
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