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Backup, Back Down is 9th in line and one of the most challenging and unique missions in Metal Gear so far. It is the 15 minutes timer that makes it unique and challenging.
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Completing all mission tasks in the first playthrough sounds impossible; even more so because you’ll need the upgraded Fulton for heavy objects extraction. Although you don’t really need a missile launcher to complete the mission, it is more than advisable to acquire it before heading to the mission area. The one thing you need to complete all mission tasks is the Cargo 2 upgrade for the Fulton recovery device.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

All of the following are obtained by extracting an enemy soldier or prisoner that has the appropriate skill (scan them with the upgraded binoculars to identify them).
  • Electrospinning Specialist
  • Cybernetics Specialist
  • Surgeon
  • Drug Developer
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Mission Text

Rebel guerrillas are launching an offensive. Eliminate as many fighting vehicles as possible in order to weaken the Soviets’ reinforcements. MGS The Phantom Pain Backup Back Down Mission 9

Eliminated an armored vehicle

MGS The Phantom Pain Backup Back Down Mission 9This is the easiest task. The weak spot of armored vehicles are their domes. Three shots to the dome with a low-grade missile launcher should take care of it.

Eliminated multiple fighting vehicles or gunships

To complete this task, you have to destroy at least 5 fighting vehicles or gunships. You can see their movement and locations on the map.

Eliminated all armored vehicles without receiving a resupply or fire support

Having an upgraded missile launcher and another explosive weapon (and using them properly) is the key here.

Secured the weapon the transport truck was carrying

Almost all trucks and vehicles go toward the Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. You can find transport trucks there.

Extracted an armored vehicle

The Cargo 2 upgrade for the Fulton recovery device is needed for this objective. The regular Fulton device cannot lift an armored vehicle.

Extracted 4 soldiers searching for the escaped prisoner

The four soldiers looking for the prisoner can be found on the mountain path between outposts #12 and #15, southwest of Wakh Sind Barracks. There’s a place where the rocks arch over the path at the top of the mountain. When they reach it, they’ll split into two groups. If you set an ambush in the high grass nearby, you’re going to have an easy time getting them all.

Extracted 6 prisoners

Here’s where you can find the six prisoners (courtesy of Bant, Marc and Dastro):

Extracted 3 tanks

The Cargo 2 upgrade for the Fulton recovery device is required for this objective. If you destroy or fulton all of the armored vehicles, reinforcements will arrive – a chopper and 3 tanks (thanks RSM!).

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