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Traitors’ Caravan is the 16th main mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Before heading to the mission area, more than ever, you should plan your setup carefully.
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Things like the new buddy, D-Walker, the upgraded missile launcher and the Cargo 2 upgrade for the Fulton device are almost a necessity for this mission. They play an extremely important role. The main goal of the mission is to find an armored escort and extract the truck, while defeating 4 Skull soldiers.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

Mission Text

Extract the cargo a PF Convoy is believed to be transporting as payment to Cipher. The Cargo must be extracted along with the transport truck.

MGS The Phantom Pain Traitors' Caravan Mission 16

Pinpointed escort unit’s estimated route from an intel file

The intel file can be found inside an enemy outpost at map mark 14. It is in a small green tent. Once collected, it shows you the estimated movement route of the cargo truck and its escort.

Identified escort unit (armored vehicle)

This three-vehicle unit stops at the outposts. It is suggested not to engage them in combat while they are on the move. I’ve managed to find them at the #16 outpost. Note: Remember if you decide to take them down, you won’t alarm them if they can’t see you. As you shoot one missile move away, then shoot again, then move away. This way, they don’t get moving.

Identified transport truck

The transport truck is usually between two armored vehicles.

Extracted transport truck

You’ll need the Cargo 2 upgrade for the Fulton device for this case.

Eliminated the Skulls

Once you are about to steal the transport truck a Skull unit will show up. This is where D-Walker is extremely handy. The fact it has a high fire rate and fast movement makes it perfect against Skulls. There are four of them you’ll have to take down. If you have not upgraded D-Walker’s main weapon ammo storage yet, be careful, as you can run out of bullets rather fast.

Extracted the transport truck driver

Wait for the escort to come to any of the outposts and do not sound the alarm.

Listened to all conversations between transport truck driver and outpost/guard post soldiers

Int-scope is great for this. The escort stops at enemy outposts, where you can complete this task.

Extracted 3 Zero Risk Security soldiers

This unit of 4 soldiers and one 4 seat vehicle is on the crossroads east of Nova Braga Airport, on the projected escape route.

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Footprints of Phantoms
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Rescue The Intel Agents

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  1. D

    Ok, “Listened to all conversations between transport truck driver and outpost/guard post soldiers” it’s like one big bugged mission or i don’t know what do i need to do more, he is stopping only 2x times and later mission just ends because truck is running away by river, any advice with this one?

    1. N

      Try not get spotted by any chance otherwise the truck will escape. Anyhow, the truck driver stops three times, so there are three conversions. First one at the Airport, and for the second one just follow the truck and he will stop right before Kiziba Camp, finally the last conversation is at Kiziba Camp. Be quick and don’t get spotted and you will get it. I just got it now.

      1. D

        Ok, i did’t saw that coming there is one at the Airport, this game got some minor bugs with scripts… Ty! I’ll try, in advance i’ll ask: where (near what) is the first conversation at the Airport?

        1. D

          Ok… I don’t know why he is not talking with anybody at the Airport, I’m fallowing this guy with Int-Scope all the time from the start and i don’t have first conversation, I’m doing that super stealth and it’s like i got some kind of bug in my game… i could use a picture where he is speaking and with who at the Airport before i’ll reinstall my game. 😛

          1. D

            Ok now i got it, but it’s total BS, you need to be within 100m range to trigger that conversation at the Airport near the truck!!! Konami….why? -.-

          2. B

            Can’t trigger off the one at the guard post, how close or where do you stand? he waits for ever just to get back in the truck without anything happening

  2. N

    No, actually you don’t have to be that far. I did it and I was only 3m away from him, and sorry I forgot to mention that the first conversation is with the truck driver and the guard post in the airport.

  3. E

    How do i extract the truck driver? i extracted him every time but i doesnt count for the bonus, im stuck with 7/8 bonus, anyone can help?

    1. C

      I tranq’d him when he was at outpost 12, before the last main camp. Then I went toward the vehicles, started the fight with skulls and killed them with d-walker Gatling gun, and then fultined him.

  4. M

    Hey guys. I have a question. I actually did see those dudes in the vehicle for “extracred 3 zero..” but I didn’t give any shit, nd somehow the objectice completed after I defeated first skull using 4 c4s. Why?

    1. C

      The zero risk security guys follow the convoy and get turned into puppet zombie guys during the skull fight. Not sure why you’d get extract credit, but they are around at least…

  5. C

    The convoy doesn’t go to outpost 16; that’s outside mission map. I found/stopped them at outpost 13, after airport and crossroads with the zero-risk unit

  6. H
    Hugh G. Rection

    I must be shit at this game cause I’m finding the game quite difficult..

  7. S

    I dOnt think the game is hard it’s a nice challenge but I do a lot of stupid things.

  8. D

    I think this mission spoils the game, what overall i’m finding slightly disappointing, especially the lack of solid story line.

  9. T

    You can take out the skulls in seconds. Jus stay far back and draw them towards you while the still done sight you and just call in an airstrike . One may survive and come after you but at that point only one or 2 shots will kill him since the bombardment did so much damage . Try it !

    1. 2

      Thank you very much. That did the trick for me. Waited that all of the walking deads come near the tank and called the bombs on it 🙂 All the soldiers went STN and I could easily extract that g. d. truck.
      What I like in this game is the infiltration but these walking dead missions.. I just hate them. It doesn’t bring anything good to the game and it’s ridiculously hard. Of course fire support helps but you get a rank-malus for using it. How would you succeed such a mission without getting spotted and without killing anyone? :/

      1. K

        I got an S rank by going directly to the guard post located after the airport stop and silently taking out all of the guards. I then went up ontop of the hill behind it and waited for the convoy to come into sight. I took out the armored vehicles from afar (without being seen). Ran back down to the post and waited for the truck to arrive on my D-walker outside of the post. When the truck stopped and driver got out, I approached until the skulls came. I then continued to back up and take out all of the skulls with the gatlin gun. The truck driver was stunned (lifted him out), then lifted the truck! Done! S Rating. Now I’ll go back and complete the other side tasks!

  10. B

    I’ve been going straight to the dock and waiting there to ambush the cargo truck with Quiet as my backup.. I either get killed by the skulls because Quiet is useless or the cargo truck ends up getting destroyed. I’ve never even used the D-Walker. Guess I’ll start now. Thanks for the tip.

  11. C

    It seems that you have to actually wait for the truck driver to get in the truck first before you can get credit for extracting him, which is a little annoying. If you mark him with the Int. Scope before he gets in the truck, then follow it to the first outpost (12), and then get close enough to trigger the Skulls, you can see which puppet is the truck driver because he’s still marked. Tranq him in the head and quickly extract him, and that’s the one mission task that I actually had trouble with done.

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