Footprints of Phantoms Walkthrough MGSV: The Phantom Pain

Footprints of Phantoms is fifteenth main mission in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. In this mission, your main objective is to either destroy or extract the 4 Walker Gears located within the village. The enemy encampment in the village itself has the advantage of being on higher ground, with the surrounding area being devoid of trees and other tall cover. Thanks to this open area, a sniper would come in handy, thus your buddy choice for this mission should be Quiet.

Metal Gear Soild The Phantom Pain Visit QuietNote: In order to start the mission you should go to the Medical Platform and complete the side ops mission “Visit Quiet”. By completing this task you’ll get a new buddy and the mission that perfectly suits her.

Obtainable Skills/Blueprints

Mission Text

Eliminate all the Walker Gears deployed to Ditabi Abandoned Village.

MGS The Phantom Pain Footprints of Phantoms

Eliminate all Walker Gears

Eliminating can be accomplished by either destroying the walker gears, or extracting them. They are located higher up in the encampment.

Extract 2 prisoners being held at Ditabi Abandoned Village

The prisoners should be extracted after you deal with the enemy patrols – they see much more, thanks to the higher position of their camp.

Extract all Walker Gears

All four walkers are located at the highest point of the village. Do not try to extract them if you have not cleared the area of enemies first.

Pick a digitalis (lutea) at Ditadi Abandoned Village

Digitalis Lutea is a species of Digitalis that produces pale yellow flowers, which are shaped like bells.

Extract a truck at Ditabi Abandoned Village

The truck is located on the main road, on the west side of the village.

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    The biggest ignorance of this post would be the fact it doesn’t actually locatethe lutea

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      I found one on my way up the rocks overlooking the village.

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      If you have quiet with you and you send her to infiltrate, she’ll locate it for you

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