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Zorn-KP is a handgun in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Although it’s in the handgun category, it’s actually a grenade launching pistol.
When you get it to grade 4, you’ll get a laser sight, but you’ll have to find a blueprint first. In this guide, we’re going to show you the Zorn-KP blueprint location. If you need other schematics, you can find them on our list of blueprints.

mgsv zorn-kp blueprint location
You can get it as a reward for the dispatch mission Defend The Pipeline. In it, your fireteam will defend a natural gas pipeline from insurgent attacks. The difficulty rating is B, and you’ll need to send a tank. Here are the other rewards you can get:
  • 450,000 GMP (100% chance)
  • 15,000 Minor Metal (32% chance)
  • 4 volunteer (75% chance)
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    Um, what do you need to do to GET the deployment in question?


      The side op for that blueprint showed up in my list right after completing chapter 1.


        Welp, it has NEVER shown up fer me so far, and I’m up to the point I ken and am making nukes, soooooo….yeah, somethings off.

    Lui Caliber

    Do I have to do something special for it to show up?

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