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C2W is the name of Mission 4 in the first Chapter of MGS5: The Phantom Pain. The name of this mission is not the only thing that’s short.
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Time it takes to complete it is just a few minutes if you choose to do it quickly. It will reward you with 50,000 GMP at the end and you have a chance of extracting personnel with Gunsmith (Shotguns) and Rescuer skills.

Mission Text

Destroy the Soviet comms equipment to prevent reinforcements being sent between outposts.

Easy way

This mission has a simple solution (if you are not hunting for any of the bonus mission steps). You can go destroy the three antennas while trying to avoid enemy patrols, or you can just sneak into the main shack and destroy the comm console (shoot at it – you don’t even need explosives). This will complete the mission right away!

Destroy the comms equipment CW2

Identified the comms equipment at the Eastern Communications Post

Identified the comms equipment c2wYou can do this from a safe distance, by using your binoculars and zooming in all the way. There are three antennas you need to zoom in on and are easy to spot.

Destroyed the comms equipment at the Eastern Communications Post

You can do it the easy way described above or use C4 explosive on each of them while avoiding guards. Best done at night, because the antenna in the middle of the base is a bit tricky to get to during the day.

Secured the rough diamonds hidden near the Eastern Communications Post

This one was very tricky to find. Diamonds are hidden along a little pathway that takes you around to the back of the Eastern Communications Post. Best look at the map screenshots to find its exact location. Not only is it out of the way, it is also hidden among the rocks and I’ve actually missed it a couple of times.

Destroyed the transmitter at the Eastern Communications Post

Transmitter in question is actually the comms console shown on the big screenshot at the beginning of this article. Just enter the building in the middle of the Post and shoot at the console to complete this step and the mission itself.

Extracted 2 prisoners being held at Wialo Village

Wialo Village is not on the way, but prisoners need extracting and best do this when you are not attempting S-Rank for this mission. They are in the south part of Wialo Village, in the first couple of houses/garages. You might notice they call out for help … faintly, but you might as well use the screenshots bellow to locate them.

Extracted the materials container from the Eastern Communications Post

You will have to have an upgraded Fulton device to be able to do this. There are two containers to be extracted at Eastern Communications Post and one will complete this task.

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  1. J

    I cannot find the hostages at Wialo, despite interrigating everyone.

    1. D

      Use D-Dog or Noctoyaing, that will help you. 🙂

  2. B

    The two hostages are a pain to find, however I was able to locate them on my third try. They are both well hidden by the machine gun nest closest to the first guard post you infiltrate in the game. They are both within the same corner of structures to the left if you face that machine gun head on.

  3. E

    Still can’t find those diamonds. Any idea where they are on the map? I’ve interrogated them all and what they lead me to is a large diamond under the highest satellite dish.

    1. Z

      To get the diamonds if you leave the base on the base to the right entrance of the base and hug the little mountain, keep walking around to your right and you’ll end up on a cliff overlooking the base. Turn around and walk back until you see a small rock that looks like a ramp on your right at the bend to the left. Climb on top and there it is. Hope this helps

      1. K

        Thanks so much! You found it for me.

  4. N

    I just experienced this, I couldn’t get “Destroyed the transmitter at the Eastern Communications Post” if I destroyed the 3 antennas before destroying the console. Unfortunately I didn’t check if destroying the antennas afterwards would give you “Destroyed the coms equipment at the Eastern Communications Post”

  5. A

    Guaranteed S Rank for speed ! No Kills!
    Ok this is a second time through job but speed trumps all the stats.
    1st run through or doing it on Free Roam mode, destroy the Anti Air Radar vehicle so u can get Helicopter Drop Site on top of the Comms Outpost. A silences assault rifle aimed at the Dish will get this done quickly.

    Then leave the area, return to you AAC Mode and feploy for the mission. The out post will be a hot zone but considering there’s no AA guns, you’re done in about 30 seconds. Just Gatling Cannon the 3 dishes on the flight in and you don’t even attempt to land. Minkmal damage to aircraft.
    S Rank Octopus

    1. R

      This, i did this too LOL. gave my S rank octopus in no time

  6. K

    Just did this on Subsistance. From my run, I only needed to extract the Container along the roadside to complete the objective.

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