Metro Exodus How to Detach Train Cars in Moscow - Brakeman Trophy

Brakeman is an achievement / trophy in Metro Exodus. It requires you to detach a certain number of train cars at the end of the Metro Exodus Moscow level. Now, this is easier said than done. You have to figure out how to detach the train cars, all the while staying alive while soldiers are firing at you. Our Metro Exodus How to Detach Train Cars in Moscow – Brakeman Trophy guide will show you how to complete the requirements for getting the achievement.

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Metro Exodus How to Detach Train Cars in Moscow - Brakeman Trophy
Metro Exodus How to Detach Train Cars in Moscow – Brakeman Trophy

How to Get Brakeman Trophy in Metro Exodus Moscow Level – Detaching Train Cars

To unhook the train cars in the Moscow level in Metro Exodus and earn the Brakeman trophy, you’ll have to detach two cars during the train chase sequence at the end of the Moscow section. The first step is to jump onto the enemy train. Then, you have to climb on the side of the train to get inside the first car. Once you’re in the red-lit space, look left to the blue door (see image above). Approach the door, and look to the side (aiming around the red sign should do it). The prompt has to change from opening the door to interacting with a contraption. When it does, complete the button prompt to detach the first car.

how to get brakeman trophy metro exodus how to detach train tracks

From there, proceed through the train until you find a car that ends with a kind of grayish curtain (see image above this paragraph). It’s the car with a bunch of steampunk-like machinery everywhere, where you’ll have to face off against a bunch of soldiers. Approach the door of the next car. You’ll get a prompt to boot down the door, but don’t do that just yet. Instead, move your reticule to the red warning sign again, and that should bring up the prompt to unhook the train car. This should get you the Brakeman Trophy. All that’s left is to push further and complete the Moscow level.

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