Metro Exodus Battery Charge Controller Electric Doors Puzzle Solution

The Battery Charge Controller in Metro Exodus is a suit upgrade that you can find in the game. Getting the Metro Exodus battery charge controller suit upgrade is a bit of a problem. First of all, you have to know where it is. And even then, there’s a puzzle involving electrified doors that you’ll have to solve. So, here’s our Metro Exodus Battery Charge Controller Electric Doors Puzzle Solution guide to show you where to find and how to get the suit upgrade in Chapter 3 – The Volga, and exactly how to solve the electric doors puzzle, step by step.

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Metro Exodus Battery Charge Controller Electric Doors Puzzle Solution
Metro Exodus Battery Charge Controller Electric Doors Puzzle Solution

How to Unlock Battery Charge Controller Electric Doors Puzzle in Metro Exodus Chapter 3 – The Volga?

To unlock the electric doors that hide the battery charge controller suit upgrade in Metro Exodus, you’ll have to solve a somewhat complicated puzzle. First off, you have to go to a small island in the mid-south of the Volga region. There’s a green house on the island to help you navigate. Once on the island, go to the south of it. You’ll come across a long, wooden barrack that has a metal shed / container behind it.

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The first thing to do is go behind the metal shed (or rather, on the left) and collect the can of gas. Then, go inside the shed and pour the gas into the generator, and turn it on. After that, go inside the long, wooden house. Approach the door made of metal bars on the left, and flip the switch next to it.

Open the metal bar door and walk outside, turn right, and climb up the wooden planks to the roof. Turn right and look for the neon-green-glowing mushrooms. Drop down through the hole next to the mushrooms. Interact with the yellow fuse box, then turn around and unlock the bolted red door behind you. Turn left and go back inside to the first room, where you unlocked the metal bar door.

Approach the vault-like door on the left. First, flip the switch to the right of the door. Open the door, and you’ll be greeted with a pretty gruesome sight. There’s a man hooked up to a machine that’s a horrifying mix of “Frankenstein” and “Saw”, barely hanging on to life. Pull the yellow lever to fry the wretch and put him out of his misery. When it’s all over, pick up the Battery Charge Controller off the smoking corpse.

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