Destiny 2 Trophy / Achievement List Leaked Reveals a Raid Name

Destiny 2 trophy / achievement list was leaked, showing fourteen different game performance goals. A lot of them are the recurring ones from the vanilla Destiny, while the new ones are a part of the new content. The list also reveals a name of a new raid – Leviathan, with a Prestige difficulty.

Destiny 2 Trophy Achievement List Leaked Reveals a Raid Name
Destiny 2 Trophy/Achievement List Leaked Reveals a Raid Name

The list was leaked on the website Exophase, where you can take a look at all of them. Since it was listed under the PlayStation 4 trophies, you can see their rewards. There is not a single trophy that is bronze on the list. Whether if this is intentional or not, due to the fact there should always be a placeholder, two of them are silver, while the others are gold, and one platinum.

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NameDescriptionTrophy Award
Traveler’s ChosenObtain all trophies in Destiny 2.Platinum
Long and Winding RoadReach level 20.Silver
Zavala’s LieutenantAcquire each Titan subclass.Gold
Cayde’s PathfinderAcquire each Hunter subclass.Gold
Ikora’s ProtégéAcquire each Warlock subclass.Gold
Show Me What You GotComplete Shaxx’s Call to Arms.Gold
In A FlashComplete a Flashpoint.Gold
The People’s HeroComplete a Heroic public event.Silver
Heart of DarknessComplete a Nightfall strike.Gold
The Life ExoticCollect 15 exotic weapons or armor.Gold
Challenge AcceptedComplete 30 challenges.Gold
Belly Of The BeastComplete the Leviathan raid.Gold
The PrestigeComplete the Leviathan raid or a Nightfall strike on Prestige difficulty.Gold
Lest Ye Be JudgedEncounter an Emissary from beyond.Gold

Almost all of them are earned as a reward for natural game progress. That is, if you spend a bit of your time. The most interesting ones for us are probably the ones that are part of the new content. For example, completing a Flashpoint, a weekly event that takes place in a certain location each week.

Completing the new raid Leviathan, and doing so even on harder difficulty, will present a significant challenge for the players. We’ll for sure aim to complete more than one of them before we reach the last experience level.

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