Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition Items Redeem - Layered Armor

Deluxe edition items in MH Rise are special items that you can get if you purchase the higher-tier versions of the game. These items include an armor set, several armor pieces, emotes, and more. However, the real question here is how to redeem these items, and where to find them. Seems like figuring out where to find the Layered Armor and how to equip it is one of the major issues. If you’re having trouble with any of these matters, then our Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition Items Redeem – Layered Armor guide is the right place for you.

monster hunter rise deluxe edition items redeem
Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition Items Redeem – Layered Armor

How to Get Monster Hunter Rise Pre-Order and Deluxe Edition Items

To get your pre-order and deluxe edition items in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to progress through the game until you talk with Hinoa the Quest Maiden. After you’re done chatting with her, you should get a message saying that you can now claim your add-on content. It even tells you where you can find it – at the Courier, in the “add-on” content menu. It really is that easy. The problem now is figuring out who this Courier is and their location. Fortunately, they’re not far away.

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As it turns out, the Courier is in fact a Palico called Senri the Mailman, dressed in white and carrying a big, red box. He’s standing very near Hinoa the Quest Maiden, so you can get your stuff as soon as you’re done with her. Talk to the Courier, and select the “Add-on Content” tab. From the menu that pops up next, you will have the option to accept all of the stuff that you’ve earned by getting the pre-order / deluxe edition. You need to accept them in order to make them accessible to you.

How to Equip Layered Armor Pre-Order Bonus

To equip the Layered Armor pre-order bonus in Monster Hunter Rise, you first have to collect the items from Senri, as explained above. Then, go to the Item Box, which is right across from the Courier. Interact with the box, and you should now have a new tab at the bottom called “Layered Armor Sets.” From there, you can access and equip any and all Layered Armor that you come across during your adventures.

That’s how you get the pre-order and deluxe edition Monster Hunter Rise items, and how you redeem them. If you’re stuck on something else in the game, we’ve got a few more guides that you might find useful. Among others, we’ve written Rock Lizard Location for Endemic Life Request, Well Done Steak Request – How to Cook, and How to Ride Palamute & Riding Controls, to name just a few.

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