Monster Hunter World Debuts in First Place of UK Sales Chart

Monster Hunter World is doing pretty well so far. Capcom has announced that they’ve shipped over five million units, and it debuted in first place on the UK sales chart. Just a few days after launch, and Monster Hunter World has already broken some series records (including most copies shipped).

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Monster Hunter World Debuts in First Place of UK Sales Chart
Monster Hunter World Debuts in First Place of UK Sales Chart

The Monster Hunter franchise has been on the back burner for a good, long while now. Yes, games have been coming out fairly consistently. Yes, the franchise has always maintained a loyal fanbase, which it well deserves. But, the fact remains that Monster Hunter hasn’t really been in the limelight. Well, it would seem that Monster Hunter World is changing that. The newest installment in the franchise has finally garnered the attention that the series deserves. It sure has some pretty good numbers to show so far.

For one, according to Capcom, Monster Hunter World has set the series record for most units shipped in the first three days. The exact number is five million units shipped. This accounts for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions. No doubt, the PC release will definitely add more numbers. Now, it’s true that units shipped does not mean units sold, necessarily. That being said, so many shipped units means that Capcom are expecting to sell as many, based on how the sales have been going so far.

Also, Monster Hunter World has debuted in first place of UK sales charts, according to Chart-Track. It’s the first Capcom game to rise to first place of that chart since Resident Evil 7. The highest ranking of any game in the Monster Hunter World franchise before this was Monster Hunter Generations, which reached third place. So, yeah, Monster Hunter World is doing pretty good for itself. For more info on the game, feel free to check out one of our other articles, such as Monster Hunter World Camp Locations – Fast Travel Points, Quality Bone Locations, and Sinister Cloth Locations.

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