NBA 2K17 Custom Jump Shot Creator Guide

NBA 2K17 Jump Shot Creator is a feature that allows you to combine different shots and create your own. Before you can use it, you have to get a message from Coach K. In this guide, we’ll give you a detailed explanation how to unlock Custom Jump Shot Creator, how to equip Custom Jumpshots, and how to use them in the Park.

nba 2k17 custom jumpshot creator

How to unlock custom Jump Shots Creator

The only way to unlock this feature is by receiving a text message from Coach K. The first step is to go to MyCareer mode and finish several matches in the first season. After that, check your text messages from Coach K. Look for a message from your coach, in which he asks you to meet up. You have to accept his invitation if you want to unlock Custom Jump Shot creator. When you return, your manager will contact you and tell you – It looks like you got something from Coach K. It’s a Jump Shot Creator. You can find it under Options in the Nav.

Note: According to many discussions on reddit and youtube channels, getting Coach K’s message seems to be random.

How to create & equip Custom JumpShots

In Custom Jumpshot creator, you can decide how you jump and release the ball. You start this process by choosing a player for Lower /Base. Choose another one for Upper Release 1. Under Upper Release 2 tab, you can select a new player, or the same one as for Upper Release 1. The last tab lets you control Release Speed and Animation Blending. Once you create and save a custom jump shot, you can equip it just like regular shots. From My player inventory, choose NBA / Pro-Am Animations, go to NBA shots, and choose it from the jump shots.

How to use Custom Jumpshot in Park

If you go to the Park and try to switch the jump shot, you’ll not be able to choose your custom jumpshot. You have to set up the shot in your MyCourt, and take it with you to the Park.

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  1. E
    Emmanuel Hernandez Figueroa

    It was that I missed my event COACH K for Jumpshot Creator and keep playing and I’m coming for the month of January and I do not get another message.

    It is to know if I have to keep playing and see if I get the message again from Coach K or if I have to wait for another season of December to be unlocked.

    1. R
      Rushil M

      I missed mine in December, but I got mines in March that same season. Just wait a little you will get it again.

  2. A

    Accepted but the event doesn’t show up anywhere. Happened to both of my PG and SG.
    Any1 got the same issue?

    1. H

      My husband is having the same issue. It has been hard to find anything about this anywhere. He’s gotten the text from Coach K at least 3 times, and his schedule will be open but it doesn’t show up, or he has something scheduled and it won’t let him go.

    2. O

      I’m currently having the same problem. He texted me but his event didn’t show up. This happened to me 3 times now

  3. A

    I’m in my 2nd season and it hasn’t showed up

  4. M

    I have a stretch big and i haven’t gotten it yet i tried 2 different players and haven’t gotten a message plz reply and help me also can centers get the jump shot creator?

  5. J
    James Murray

    I simmed all the way to december and hasnt unlocked and im now in my second season..does this mean i cant get it?

  6. S
    Seneca lee

    Does thw first season mean your rookie season

  7. D

    It doesn’t let me use the jumper I created in a regular season game what should I do

  8. M

    can i get jumpshot creator during playoof games or only during regu;lar season?

  9. R
    Richard Baskeyfield

    Can anybody tell me the difference between upper release 1 and upper release 2? I am trying to create a custom jumpshot using two different players release for one and two. To me, it looks like upper release 1 is a layup or a floater or some type of moving shot. However, release 2 looks like it is a set jumpshot. I guess my real question is how should I do the animation blending for two different releases if I’m using two different players for the releases? Before you reply to this comment I want you to know that I am trying to equip Michael Jordan’s jumpshot release for upper release 1 if that is controlling moving shots, floaters, layups, Etc…. If upper release 2 is controlling a fundamental set jumpshot then I am ultimately trying to equip Kevin Durant’s jumpshot release. If someone could please clarify how I need to blend these animations to control the specific release that I am trying to control I would really appreciate it.

  10. N
    Nicholas Carter

    I got a playmaker pg and I’m in my second season and i got a text from him and I at least 3 events that I had scheduled but I went to him and I got mines.

  11. M

    Hi Guys. I am having problem wit the jumo shot creator as well. once I want to save/ edit created jump shot the game has got stuck and after fee minutes game turns off and I am in the main manu. Then I need to run the geme again.. do you have similar experience?

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