Nba 2k17 New Kevin Durant and Julius Randle Moments Cards Released

New Moments cards have been released in NBA 2K17’s My Team mode. Now, we can get new versions of Kevin Durant and Julius Randle. Kevin Durant has been voted by the fans as the #2kMoment of the month, and now we can get the Ruby version of his card in MyTeam League Packs in the Auction house. Fans had a chance to vote for their favorite player at NBA 2K17 MyTeam Twitter page, you can check them out HERE.

Nba 2k17 New Kevin Durant and Julius Randle Moments Cards Released

Kevin Durant’s card is rated at 89. Mid-range scoring and 3-pt shooting are set to A+. Inside scoring is set to A and playmaking to B-. The only bad thing is that perimeter defense, post defense and rebounding are set to C- only, and you could have some problems while guarding the opposing team’s players. If you can purchase any MyTeam League Packs, you can also get this card at the auction house, but keep in mind that it’s very expensive at the moment.

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Julius Randle also got his Moments card. He has played some really nice games recently, especially on the 3rd of January, when he managed to get a triple-double performance. He finished the game with 19 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists. A great performance for this young player, and hopefully he will have even more performances just like this one as the season moves on.

Julius Randle’s card is set to an 81 rating overall. In general, there are much better options for you on this position, and for much cheaper. But, of course, if you are a fan of Julius Randle, or you just want to collect all the cards available, you should definitely consider purchasing.

His inside scoring is set to B and mid-range shooting at D grade. Playmaking is set very high at B+ and, of course, rebounding at A+. The defensive abilities are not that high at D+ for perimeter defense and C for post defense.

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