NBA 2K17 New Moments Challenge Chris Webber

A new Moments challenge was released for NBA 2K17 and it’s called Chris Webber. It’s fairly easy, and you shouldn’t have much of a problem completing it. The story behind the challenge is simple: on January 5th 2001, Chris Webber scored 51 points with 26 rebounds. Unfortunately, his team, the Sacramento Kings, lost the game 93 to 91 in overtime. You can check the full challenge details below:

NBA 2K17 New Moments Challenge Chris Webber
  • There are no lineup restrictions for this challenge, you can use any of the cards you own.
  • The reward is not that big at 1500 MT, but the challenge lasts for just 5 minutes, since you will be playing just one overtime.
  • At the beginning, the score is tied at 89-89, and you will be facing the Indiana Pacers. They have a solid lineup, with Jeff Teague, Monta Ellis, Paul George, Thaddeus Young and Al Jefferson.
  • The difficulty is set to All-Star

Just play some nice physical defense, especially when Paul George has the ball. He will try to disrupt your defense with some accrued mid-range shooting and acrobatic dunks. Run some pick and rolls, as well as some isolation for some easy baskets. This challenge is definitely one of the easiest, and you should have some fun completing it since it’s very short.

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If you still haven’t tried, there is also a Moments challenge with Jimmy Butler. Using any version of his card, he must score 52 points and, of course, your team needs to win. The reward is very solid at 9000 MT, so it’s definitely worth the effort. Also, your team needs at least two players from Chicago Bulls. You can check the details about this challenge HERE.

These Moments challenges are great to freshen up the game with some new and interesting challenges. It would definitely be a great idea if we could have a new challenge every day, with different goals and difficulty settings.

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