NBA 2K24 Michael Jordan Build

Widely regarded as the best basketball player of all time (GOAT), Michael Jordan is a legendary player that all other players are compared to. As a Shooting Guard and sometime Small Forward, he dominated most of his career in the Chicago Bulls, particularly in the 1990s. A rare talent that could seemingly do it all, he would often lead his team to victory no matter the odds against them. Because of this, many players want to make a custom build that replicates his physical stats and attributes in NBA 2K24. So to help you do this, here’s what you need to do to create the Michael Jordan Build in NBA 2K24.

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NBA 2K24 Michael Jordan Build
NBA 2K24 Michael Jordan Build

Michael Jordan Build NBA 2K24

The first thing that you will need to do is to go into the Custom Template. Then, set the Position to Shooting Guard. After that, set Michael Jordan’s Height to 6’6″. Next, Michael Jordan’s Weight, which should be 205 lbs. Finally, his Wingspan is 6’11”. All that’s left now is to allocate his Attributes. They look like this:

  • Close Shot – set this to 54.
  • Driving Layup – set this to 74.
  • Driving Dunk – set this to 94.
  • Standing Dunk – set this to 39.
  • Post Control – set this to 65.
  • Mid-range Shot – set this to 79.
  • Three-Point Shot – set this to 85.
  • Free Throw – set this to 81.
  • Pass Accuracy – set this to 70.
  • Ball Handle – set this to 84.
  • Speed With Ball – set this to 83.
  • Interior Defense – set this to 33.
  • Perimeter Defense – set this to 85.
  • Steal – set this to 72.
  • Block – set this to 32.
  • Defensive Rebound – set this to 40.
  • Speed – set this to 82.
  • Acceleration – set this to 83.
  • Strength – set this to 55.
  • Vertical – set this to 82.
  • Stamina – set this to 99.

Once you have set all of these up, you will have the Michael Jordan Build in NBA 2K24. It is, by far, one of the best and most powerful builds in the game.

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