How to Make Bullets - New World Cartridges

If you’re one of the people wondering how to make bullets or cartridges in New World, you’ve come to the right place. Obviously, learning how to craft bullets and get iron cartridges in New World can be a huge advantage. Wielding firepower is always a good idea when you’re trying to colonize new territories, after all. So, keep reading our How to Make Bullets – New World Cartridges guide to see how to craft some.

how to make bullets new world cartridges
How to Make Bullets – New World Cartridges

How to Craft Bullets – New World Cartridges

To craft bullets and make cartridges in New World, you’re going to need three different ingredients: four Iron Ingots, one Linen and one unit of Gunpowder. Once gathered, take the materials to the workbench and find Iron Cartridge under Ammunition, and you should be able to make a fairly substantial amount of bullets. The real trouble here is figuring out how to get all the stuff you need, so let’s dive into that.

To make Iron Ingots, you’ll need to mine iron from veins, which can be found in different areas on the map. To see exactly where to look, check out our New World Iron Locations guide. Put the iron into a level 3 Smelter to make the ingots. As for Linen, gather Fibers (as covered in our Hemp & Fiber Locations guide) and use a tier 3 Loom to craft the Linen. The last ingredient to make bullets or cartridges in New World, Gunpowder, is a more complicated matter. We cover it in our How to Craft Gunpowder guide, but we’re gonna give you a quick breakdown here.

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Basically, you’ll need five Charcoal, two Flint, and one Saltpeter. Charcoal is made by placing regular old wood into a Smelter, while Flint is found in rocks at the edge of bodies of water. Saltpeter, on the other hand, is commonly in small caves found around the map. Read our Where to Find Saltpeter guide for more info. When at long last you have all the Iron Ingots, Linen and Saltpeter you need, head to the workbench and make some bullets.

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