Another Quake Champion is out – Visor

Quake Champions is slowly growing a large stable of playable characters, with Visor, the cybernetic clone being next in line. He should be available for the “large-scale tech test”, which starts on May 12 and lasts until May 21.

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Visor is returning from Quake 3 Arena, a product of attempts to create a super soldier. He has the Piercing Sight active ability, allowing him to see through things, while his passive ability, Grasshoper, allowing him unlimited speed. Here’s an overview directly from Bethesda:

Active Ability – Piercing Sight: You can’t hide from Visor. Using his Piercing Sight Active Ability, Visor can briefly see through all matter, glimpsing foes as outlines running behind walls. You might think you’re sneaking up on Visor, but he’s probably waiting for you with a tasty Rail Gun gift. Твоё здоровье!Passive Ability – Grasshopper: Speed kills. Are you sick of all those psychotic Anarkis hoverboarding around the Arenas, turning it “up to eleven” all over your face? Visor’s Passive evens the playing field. Grasshopper allows Visor to continually gain speed when strafe-jumping – with no cap. Skilled players will be able to keep up with anyone, even that drug-addled freak.

Quakecon starts on August 24 this year in Dallas, but it will host the first pro tournament for Quake Champions ever. As the game was built up for e-sports from the get go, it will be interesting to see players compete in Duel and Sacrifice, the new 4 vs 4 mode, with qualifiers which start in June.

As far as other champions are concerned, the list so far includes Galena, the unholy paladin, Anarky, the transhuman punk, Nyx, the phantom agent, Slash, the roller queen, Ranger, slipgate marine, Scalebearer, galactic warlord, and Clutch, the awakened automaton. And now, Visor, the cybernetic clone, joins the game.

It is important to remember that the game will launch in free-to-play mode with only Ranger available, while all the other characters will be included in the purchasable game.


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