The Assassin’s Creed: Origins leak train is picking up speed – a screenshot surfaces

Just yesterday we talked about how the new Assassin’s Creed game seems to be called “Origins” and not “Empire”, while some other info showed up as well, such as two main protagonists (Syndicate style), sailing boats and an open world. Today, another leak, this time something to sink your teeth in – a proper image of a game being played that looks very much real.

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ac origins leak
Everything in the image fits the ancient Egypt setting.

The image shows a man on a boat on something that might be a river (the Nile, one would venture a guess) due to being somewhat green in color. The man is has a shield, a bow and some arrows across his back, which coincides with a previously leaked picture that did not show much. If this is indeed the real deal, then sailing is back, which was dearly missed in the last two games. The fact that it is just a one person on a boat begs the question of whether there will be naval battles. Perhaps that little fire on the left side of the boat serves another purpose apart from being a clear fire hazard on a wooden vessel?

The city in the background is not shown really clearly, but the objectives can actually be read. The first one says “assassinate the crocodile”, which sounds like a very weird thing to do. On the other hand, this might be an early part of the game, perhaps even the opening where you are learning the moves. The other objective is much more interesting (and seemingly more important as it is yellow) and it says “Follow Shadya to Khenut’s villa”. A little research shows that there was a Queen Khenut in Ancient Egypt, so that could be her.

Other info we currently have is that the game will be a “vast open world experience”, allowing you to roam the ancient Egypt, and perhaps “even as far as Greece”. This is a big step for the franchise and we can only hope that the collect-a-thon is more interesting and reasonable on a larger map.