Beyond Good & Evil 2 will come out on PC as well

Well, it seems we’re finally getting it folks, the most awaited game of this century has finally been confirmed! The gods of E3 have spoken and show us the trailer we’ve all been waiting for years… What? No, I’m not talking about Half-Life 3, do people still really expect that to come out in our lifetimes?

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beyond good and evil 2 monkey
The new game does not feature Jade and Pey’J from the original game, but a whole host of new characters.

After years and years of teasing, outright denial and “leaks” Beyond Good & Evil 2 has finally been announced. The exact release date is still a mystery but the platforms it’s coming to aren’t. The sign-up forms for the not-quite beta test have revealed it’s coming to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

You might be wondering what is this not-quite beta test, well Ubisoft are calling it the Space Monkey Program. Apparently, it will allow “passionate and engaged” fans to be a part of the development process. Ubisoft is looking for people who are willing to join the game development in its earliest stage inspiring everything from character design to spaceship controls.

Despite the numbering, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a prequel to the original 14-year-old game. It’s set in the 24th century, the time before Jade – the original protagonist – was even born. According to Gabrielle Shrager, Ubisoft Montpellier’s narrative director, the game will take place in a multi-ethnic civilization, a solar system called System 3. There are scant resources and private enterprises fight over remaining craps. A truly great place to be a space pirate.

As much as PC users can rejoice along with everyone else, it would appear that the game is not coming to Switch, regardless of the totally weird rumor that it would be a timed-exclusive for Nintendo’s newest console for 12 months. That was one brave troll who came up with that one.