Destiny 2 Raids Will Have Different Death Penalty

Now that Destiny 2 is slowly drawing closer, the developers are releasing more and more information about it. In a recent interview, director Luke Smith talked a bit about the game, and mentioned that Bungie will be bringing a new death penalty to raids. This is to combat the issue of players dying and having to spectate the rest of the raid on Heroic difficulty.

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Destiny 2 Raids Will Have Different Death Penalty
Destiny 2 Raids Will Have Different Death Penalty

Destiny 2 is on the horizon, with the Beta starting on consoles a month from now, at least for those that have early access. We’ve written recently about the Destiny 2 Beta launch dates and PC release dates, which were revealed at E3 2017. You can even pick it up via using WoW Tokens. Since the game is approaching fast, Bungie has started revealing more information about it.

Luke Smith, the director of Destiny 2, gave an interview to Giant Bomb. While there, he talked about the tweaks that they’re introducing to raids. Specifically, he mentioned that they’ll be changing the Death Penalty. Here’s what he had to say (via Game Rant):

The raids should always be challenging you to cooperate, collaborate, and communicate. But I don’t want to bring the difficulty down. We had a conversation – we have a brand new death penalty in the game for raiding. I think it’s pretty unfun to die and just watch on hard mode. So we have a brand new death penalty and on the normal mode raids people have talked about wanting to remove it because it’s different and why not just use the strike difficulty. But we don’t want to change the difficulty because we believe our players are smart. We believe that motivated groups of players can take on these challenges and complete them. We’ve seen that.

Smith was careful not to reveal too much, for sure. You’ll have to play the game in order to find out exactly how they’ve tweaked the death penalty. Still, this is a very welcome change, and not an easy task. They’ll have to find the right balance between making the raids less unforgiving, while still keeping them fun and challenging.

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