BioMutant Narrator, Get Thee Behind Me!

Okay, let’s not go overboard, I very much doubt it’s that, but some BioMutant fans will doubtlessly be happy to hear that you’ll be able to decide how much you’ll hear from the game’s narrator. According to the publisher, THQ Nordic, the narration will scale depending on how many hours you’ve put into the game, but as an extra, you’ll be able to customize it yourself.

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The news about this jumping-rodent-thing simulator have been leaked a few weeks ago; but the really juicy tidbits came in the 25 minutes of gameplay IGN recorded at PAX West. The game features a lot of running around in an open world and some quite interesting combat mechanics. This was our opportunity to see the main character and hear the narrator and… you can take him or leave him; I’d prefer to leave him, I can definitely see why the tutorial-y messages would get grating after a while, so it’s nice to have the option to shut him up or, at least, tone down his banal comments. At best, he tries too hard and interrupts the flow of the game with his attempts at humor, at worst he’s a character in a Saturday morning cartoon.

Well, THQ Nordic seems to think people who don’t like it should be able to… simply turn him off, a truly novel concept that I’m surprised nobody has thought of. Well, we can’t turn him off completely, he is an actual character in the story with a role to play, but we can tone down his interjections, at least. The amount of chatter you’ll have to put up with will decrease over time, but only during a single playthrough. If you restart the game and are already tired of dynamic narration, you’ll have to turn it down manually; something you’ll probably want to do after a certain point.