Dark Tribe DLC trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War Released

A new trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War has been released and it features some sneaky orc champions to be featured in the Dark Tribe DLC. The eponymous Dark Tribe looks to be a squad of masked orkish assassins who excel in the art of stealth and quick kills.

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The trailer showcases their deadly skills and toolkit, they assassinate other orcs with a variety of abilities and weapons, including some very sharp blades, spears and crossbows. Like the Terror Tribe we’ve written about before, they’ll either stand with Sauron, or oppose him. Very likely depending on player’s choices.

It is as of yet unclear how will any of the tribes fit into the game as a whole. Neither of the principal protagonists (Talion and Celebrimbor) appear in the trailer, so we’re still not sure how will we be able to utilize their many sneaky and murdery abilities. Recruiting them into your own orc army does seem like a more palatable option than the Terror Tribe (who seem to get off on torture) or some Monsters of Mordor, but fighting them could be an interesting challenge as well.

Shadow of War trailers seem to be hitting it out of the park so far, with each promising interesting story developments or cool mechanics. This one is no exception, with stealthy orcs sneaking about, setting up their ambushes and executing them flawlessly. What’s not to like? With October getting nearer and, with it, the game’s release, Monolith seem to be unrelenting when it comes to showcasing new content. The full game promises to be a (pricy) handful, but it may very well be worth it.

The Dark Tribe is set to be released on October 10, along with Middle-earth: Shadow of War.