Code Vein Will Have Companions and they’re Optional

We have had news about this anime version of Dark Souls, and yes, it is pretty much that. Namco Bandai is not hiding the inspiration for this game. The lengthy gameplay vid couldn’t have shown it more clearly if it tried. And let’s not even mention the tagline “Prepare to Dine.”

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The IGN reveal shows some quite satisfying souls-y action. Combat is basically a middle ground between Bloodborne’s aggression and Dark Souls’ defensiveness. The main character, a vampiric revenant, uses special abilities or “Gifts” which stem from their revenant blood, they replenish their use by fighting enemies. Revenants who don’t feed become monsters called “Lost” and lose what little is left of their humanity.

Aside from the different visual style, the biggest difference is the fact you’ll have an NPC companion. No longer will you wander the ruins of the dead world alone and this is possibly the biggest departure from the Dark Souls feel, perhaps even bigger one than the anime style. Granted, companions will be completely optional but the option having someone to help you out in the time of need is an interesting twist for the Dark Souls formula. Considering Bandai Namco also published the original Dark Souls and that Shift (the developer of God Eater) is developing it, there doesn’t seem to be any doubt that this is a game we’ll all be eagerly anticipating.

There you have it, Code Vein, the Vampiric Anime-styled Souls-like. Not to mention that it seems to be actually be good. It does seem to be shaping up quite nicely. The release date is expected to be sometime in 2018 and it’s coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4.