Code Vein announcement trailer says little about the story, but does so in style

Bandai Namco is doing a solid job of keeping the news steadily flowing regarding their new title. Initially, they went with a mysterious trailer, then moved on to full-bloodied announcements. And now they are putting out trailers (see below).

What we know from earlier is that the game is set in a post-apoc world, where those who have survived, the Revenants, must feed on blood in order to keep their sanity. They lose memories, but gain superpowers, while those whose supply of blood is not regular will lose what is left of their humanity and becoming “Lost”, monsters, doomed to roam the world of Vein.

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As can be seen in the trailer as well, the Revenant use both the physical weapons and the special ones. The name of the physical manifestation of the special weapons is “Blood Veil” and they differ from Revenant to Revenant. They are used, most importantly, as a tool for sucking the blood out of the enemies, in order to keep you alive and well.

With Bandai Namco as the publisher, there is always the inevitable comparison with the Souls series. There seems to be a fair share of rolling involved in the trailer, escaping the crushing attacks of huge enemies and the like, which is all very Souls-y. What is not, on the other hand, very much like the famous hardcore series, are the characters and the anime faces, while the enemy design is imaginative, but not dark and dismal, like Souls characters tend to be.

Code Vein has been announced for all “major consoles” in 2018. Does this include Switch, which has gone on to sell very well? What about the PC edition? These are God Eater devs, and those games have come out on PC, mostly. No answers to these questions as of yet.

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