Code Vein is now official – coming to all “major consoles” in 2018

A week ago, a mysterious trailer announced a new product from Bandai Namco, along with the “Prepare to Dine” slogan, a play of words on the original Dark Souls edition on PC. Today, there has been an official reveal (although we have known the name even before it) of Code Vein, an action RPG from the creators of God Eater.

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code vein 1
Blood Veils are used to collect blood from the enemies.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and you play as the Revenant, a sort-of vampires who have supernatural powers achieved through blood drinking. There will be a large world with connected areas to explore, with the help of an in-game buddy. The buddies aid you in battle and interact in the unveiling of the story. “Vein” from the title is not only a play of words, but the name of a hidden society of Revenants.

Revenants are those who abandoned being human in order to resist being destroyed. Although they lose the majority of their memories as compensation for their supernatural powers, they are able to barely maintain their humanity by sucking up blood. If their blood supply runs low, they lose their humanity and transform into a monster called a “Lost”.

In order to fight the said “Lost”, Revenants can use a range of weapons, such as swords, bayonets, halberds and others. Gifts are special abilities which can be utilized during battles by using absorbed enemy blood. However, “Blood Veils” are the Revenants’ main piece of equipment. Part armor, part weapon, it might look like clothing (weird, post-apoc clothing), and it has a blood-sucking mechanism enclosed, that connects the enemy with the mouth of the Revenant for some clean and neat feeding. Gotta keep that blood supply high!

Currently, we can assume that the game will be out on Sony’s and Microsoft’s console, while the Switch release is not so certain. Is it a major console yet?