From last weeks mistery trailer to Code Vein: Bandai Namco’s new action RPG

The trailer was an animated affair, with several characters and scenes that might mean something in the final product. One thing is sure, the announcement may be set for April 20th, but the info is out already, at least in Japan, via Famitsu. The new game’s name is Code Vein, and it is coming from the God Eater team.

god eater
Dark haired guys and half-naked girls, huge weaponry. Yup, it’s anime.

God Eater has created quite a following since its inception in 2010. The action RPG series by Shift, published by Bandai Namco was first only available on Playstation Portable, however, it has come to most Playstation consoles Playstation 4 and Windows via Steam as well. The game features a post-apocalyptic setting where humans fight against the mysterious monsters, the Aragami. There have been five games so far, manga, light novel adaptations, as well as an anime series.

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Code Vein seems to be set in a similar not-so-far future, this time featuring a race of Revenants, vampires with superhuman abilities (Vein, cause they are vampires, they drink blood. Got it?). Revenants who do not feed on blood regularly can become monsters. The game is supposed to have a genre of its own, more precisely the “dramatic exploration action RPG”. This means the player will be able to traverse connected areas. It was the main focus of the team who wanted to move a little away from the standard God Eater formula.

There is talk of a “buddy” system, where you will be able to explore dungeons with a buddy, but it would appear what they actually mean is an NPC you can take along, so that you do not go forth alone. The list of weapons that Revenants use mostly includes close-range weapons, great swords, one-handed swords, hammers and spears.

The game should be up for a worldwide release. The official announcement date is still April 20, and we can expect to see an official gameplay trailer some time in May.

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