Cult horror White Day remake is coming to PC and PS4

For those among you who favor the Far Eastern version of horror there are some good news. Korean cult horror game White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is coming to PC and PS4 completely remade.

The game first made its appearance in 2001 on PC and it never made it to consoles. This caused the game to be very popular among a small number of gamers, creating a cult status. The plot revolves around a group of students stuck in a school which is possessed with various types of spirits who have been unable to escape it for years due to 5 amulets created by a geomancer and set around the school. One of them, “Master of the Labyrinth” seeks a way to escape it, going so far as possessing a student of the school.

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There are no weapons in the game as you will be doing no fighting, however, the multiple choice conversation system creates branching in the story which leads to 8 potential endings.

The remade version of the game has already been out on iOS and Android platforms in 2016, and now it is coming back to PC and for the first time to PS4. While no groundbreaking graphics should be expected, this is a solid horror title that possesses a great atmosphere. The unknown should keep you on your toes while traversing the mysterious hallways of the haunted school.

White Day is actually the day after after Valentine’s Day in Japan, when you are expected to return the gifts received the day before, usually from females to males. Sometimes the value of these gifts surpasses those received, or at least should surpass it, by generally recited rule for men.

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School will soon sow serious fear on the PS4 and PC platform.

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