DayZ enters PC beta, PS4 release nudges closer

Bohemia Interactive has not been really fast when it comes to DayZ. The infamous mod-turned-game has brought about a plethora of successors and clones, while it stayed in alpha for a long, perhaps too long a time. The game managed to sell around 3 million without actually being finished, and now it finally enters beta stage.

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DayZ tips
DayZ is a game where you need to fear other players more than the zombies.

Bohemia Interactive stated that they are working on the stable console version, however there is no actual date set yet. When it finally comes out it will have to face some stiff competition. 7 Days to Die, H1Z1, and other games such as Ark Survival Evolved and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds have achieved quite the success on both PC and console. DayZ, even though arguably the daddy of all survival zombie games of this kind has a lot to prove. Winning over audiences on console is the task that is the hardest – PC audiences are familiar with it and have been at it for quite a few years now.

If you are not familiar with the premise, DayZ is a survival game set in a zombie outbreak in a fictional former Soviet republic of Chernarus. You can investigate building and scavenge equipment, including food and water which you need for survival. You need to beware of zombies, as well as other players, whom you can work with or against. Mostly, the weapons are melee, while the firearms are scarce. You also need medication and bandages for wounds, while future updates have various diseases planned. Some other features which are not yet present include bases, and radio communication./p>

Wait remains for the console version, while the PC beta might come sooner. Early access games are definitely coming to consoles, and they might as well be as ambitious as DayZ has been throughout its development.


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